Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) has taken a bold decision regarding Bangladesh Premier League, the most extravagant domestic cricket league they orchestrated. According to BCB, they’re not ready to organize BPL this year. The main reason behind this scenario is that BCB won’t get the schedule of its national cricketers. As a result, the next edition of BPL will be held between January 14 to February 18, 2022. The BPL governing body’s member secretary Ismail Haider confirmed this news. According to him, there will be no BPL this year. The eighth and ninth editions will be held in 2022 and 2023 respectively. BCB has taken the decision to postpone BPL until next year. As Bangladesh will be busy in Pakistan tour in November, so, BCB has to take such decision to step back.

BCB Has Taken The Decision To Postpone BPL Until Next Year

The seventh decision of BPL was held in January 2020. BCB took the decision to host two editions of BPL in 2020. However, the COVID 19 pandemic changed everything. After that, BCB arranged a T20 event called Bangabandhu T20 Cup instead of another BPL after sporting activity began. Now, it seems things will be on standby till the next year.

We have a couple of windows open for the tournament (BPL). We can either arrange it for November, but the national team is scheduled to tour Pakistan during that time.

Ismail Mallik insisted.

BCB Has Taken The Decision To Postpone BPL Until Next Year
BPL isn’t happening this year                         

Furthermore, he also added that there will so many sporting activities at that time. So, it will be hard to get all the international stars of Bangladesh.

National team cricketers may not be able to participate in several NCL, BCL, or the Dhaka League competition, due to the international tours and series. We want to make sure we get all the front-line cricketers of Bangladesh in the BPL.

According to Ismail, there will be no slots for BPL in December too due to the bilateral series against New Zealand.

We have another slot in December but even then, New Zealand are most probably arriving in Bangladesh during that period. So, for those reasons, the BPL might be postponed and start in January 2021.

In addition, it’s confirmed that BPL isn’t happening this year. This is certainly disappointing news for the cricket fans of Bangladesh. Although BCB failed to organize a BPL tournament after COVID 19 pandemic, they managed to arrange two successful domestic series – BCB Presidents Cup and the Bangabandhu T20 Cup – last year. Both of the tournaments were successful. Therefore, cricket fans of Bangladesh still have a reason to cherish.