VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which broadens a private network towards a public network. Devices such as laptops, tab, smartphones, etc. crosswise a VPN can get benefit from the security and management of the private network. Today, I will discuss the overview and my overall experience of ExpressVPN Review in 2020 from Bangladesh.

ExpressVPN Review in 2020 from Bangladesh


ExpressVPN is very flexible to use, high speed, high-quality VPN service provider and a very secure VPN system available for every platform like desktop, laptop, and smartphone. It generally works on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and routers. ExpressVPN also allows entering any kind of website.

ExpressVPN is an England-based VPN system owned by the British Virgin Islands Company. Today’s market is very competitive and there’s always been a great challenge. ExpressVPN maintains its superiority in this highly competitive market. They still occupy the top position and prove why they are the best in the VPN market by providing top quality services.

Before giving a review on this, we should know what things we actually need from a VPN.

Things we need to have in our VPN (ExpressVPN) –

Its undeniable ExpressVPN is a top-class VPN. You can use it on a console, smartTV, Smart camera as well as macOS, Android, IOS, Linux and browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, etc.  Their service is clearly world-class. ExpressVPN is a perfect choice for the people of Bangladesh and the whole world. For a smart user, you will definitely want these things –

  • High speed
  • No P2P restrictions
  • Unlimited connection bandwidth
  • setup should be quite trouble-free

You shouldn’t demand these things –

  • cheaper price or
  • Why its Located in British territory.

ExpressVPN is the most popular in VPN industry

ExpressVPN Review in March 2020 from Bangladesh

Here, I want to write down the list of contents about my overall experience of using ExpressVPN from Bangladesh.

  1. Features
  2. Benefits
  3. Problems


ExpressVPN has amazing features for its users. They don’t store their best features for an expensive plan like other VPN companies. ExpressVPN generally builds the best and impressive quality features for its users. ExpressVPN offers almost a hundred percent (99.99 percent) uptime which must be a great thing.

ExpressVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth. They also have astounding coverage in 94 countries. This is something extraordinary anybody should accept. Covering more areas generates more speed. This is very simple. Every user wants to connect to the server close to him so that he can get the best speed. As ExpressVPN covers a large area, it is very easy for them to provide the best speed possible.


Benefits Of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is currently the most popular VPN around the world. No wonder, it has lots of benefits in its kettle. Here, I want to discuss its benefits.

ExpressVPN have impressive features and quality.
ExpressVPN has impressive features and quality.

The startup isn’t a big deal for ExpressVPN

This is a huge advantage that gives ExpressVPN an edge over its competitors. After signing up, a VPN client can be installed where you will get asked to input an activation code. This special activation code is identical for each device. You have to make sure to save the confirmation email you get attached with a particular link that carries the special code. This is the ultimate system your VPN purchaser will save your time logging in.

ExpressVPN really did a pretty good job of startup and making a user-friendly environment. The inclusive design, the pattern is logical and instinctive.

ExpressVPN startup is quite easy and trouble-free

Split Tunneling

ExpressVPN allows the split tunneling feature with their applications for Windows, macOS, and routers. Split tunneling helps the user to select which apps will follow through the VPN tunnel and which apps will disdain the VPN for the unencrypted internet system.

This feature is available in the settings of the Windows and Mac OS. The Mac OS settings are almost the same as the Windows OS. I practiced it on Windows 10 and found it very helpful. It is very useful for routers too. Split Tunneling doesn’t offer by every VPN. This is a very rare service which ExpressVPN generally offers for their clients. I am using this feature on my PC and it helps me to abandon the unencrypted internet system.

Splittunneling is a rare feature

SuperSpeed of ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest or maybe the fastest VPN in the world. The speed is superb and it works very quickly. When I check out their website, I was seeing bulletins like ”ultra-fast”, ”high-speed”, ”superfast’‘, etc. things. No need to say those words absolutely justifies the claims of ExpressVPN.  The speed is really fantastic and it makes more fun to use ExpressVPN. For the users of Bangladesh, it will provide the fastest speed than any other connection. I can assure this from my experience.

ExpressVPN is very fast in terms of speed and probably the fastest VPN in market right now.
ExpressVPN is very fast in terms of speed and probably the fastest VPN in the market right now.

Great Customer Service of ExpressVPN

When it comes to the matter of customer service, ExpressVPN is second to none. No VPN service providers offer customer service like them. Their customer service opens for 24/7. ExpressVPN’s live chat opens for all day and night where an experienced, friendly person will welcome you and give you the solutions for your problems. ExpressVPN also provides various troubleshooting pages.

You can also access video tutorials, FAQ’s where you will find the knowledge which will help you to know to watch live sports and learn about various VPN protocol types. ExpressVPN also offers you with a money-back guarantee in 30 days if any major problems found in their service. This is one of the substantive refund systems in the VPN industry.


Streaming Netflix nowadays considers as an achievement for any VPN servers and ExpressVPN doing this great job for long. ExpressVPN is one of the few servers which stream Netflix videos. They are working with Netflix no matter where you stay on the earth. For use Netflix, you have to install ExpressVPN apps on your device, then connect to a server as your wish in the Netflix region you demand to exert, right after then use Netflix as normal. Most Bangladeshi users fail to use Netflix due to proper knowledge of how to run Netflix on their devices. Installing ExpressVPN can solve this problem.

ExpressVPN is considered as the best VPN for Netflix nowadays because of its high definition video streaming quality and 24 hours access chance on Netflix. This is one of the biggest reasons this VPN’s number of users getting increases every day.

Netfilx is most popular streaming site and streaming them gives a huge advantage to ExpressVPN
Netflix is the most popular streaming site and streaming them gives a huge advantage to ExpressVPN

High-level Security of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN owns by the British Virgin Islands – that’s the reason they don’t have to obey US data retention rules neither they have to follow the EU DRD regulations. British Virgin Islands are part of the UK, but they are actually a fully sovereign outside territory. They don’t have to follow the government’s rules of data sharing. ExpressVPN is independent and they don’t bound to share data with anyone.

The company generally uses AES-256 cipher and SHA-512 HMAC authentication. Both of them are pretty much strong internet system setup and that’s why they are the most trustworthy VPN systems.

The security of ExpressVPN is very strong.
The security of ExpressVPN is very strong.

Android and iOS Apps 

ExpressVPN works better in both smartphone OS platforms.

ExpressVPN is currently the best option for Android and iOS. This VPN system accepts you to use the OpenVPN protocol and also secure tunneling. ExpressVPN possesses fully operable OpenVPN apps which secure 256-bit encryption for Android and iOS. Its uniqueness in its VPN systems and OpenVPN protocol, especially for mobile platforms, makes it flexible for using both OS and gives ExpressVPN solid supremacy over its competitors. I have tried ExpressVPN from both platforms and found a very good result from both of the OS.

ExpressVPN is leading in both mobile platform iOS and Android
ExpressVPN is leading in both mobile platform iOS and Android

Problems to use ExpressVPN:

Maybe, ExpressVPN is the top-dog in VPN markets right now but it also has some cons too.

High Pricing

Yes, users often moan about the high price of ExpressVPN. Truth to be told, there are many overpricing VPN systems around who’s service is not up to the standard to their price. ExpressVPN is much better in this circumference. Despite this, their price is a bit high, but it provides very quality service in comparison to other providers. Their service totally justifies their price tags. The money-back-guarantee is another plus point we must have to say.

It’s quite higher basic 12.95$ per month for those who have a tight budget, but if you subscribe for a year, it will jump down to 8.32$ per month. The price won’t matter to you when you get the highest quality service and their overall facilities surely defend their price tag. Another huge advantage of using ExpressVPN is that it can easily make the payments via credit card, bitcoin or other third-party payment channels.

Bangladeshi users generally don’t want to spend more money and want cheap things. If you want to get good service and tight the budgets at the same time my opinion is that you should subscribe ExpressVPN for a year. You have to spend a bit of money in order to get the best service. Moreover, subscribing for a year gonna cost you less money.

No Ad or Malware Blocker

ExpressVPN doesn’t have any ad or malware blocker and that’s the reason a big risk can happen when using this VPN. Hackers can significantly damage your device and take important information by using different types of ads or malware.

Less Device Connection

ExpressVPN can synchronize only three devices and its a disadvantage in comparison to its competitors. Yes, its a problem, but there’s also a solution for this. You have to use ExpressVPN on your router then you can use it unlimited numbers of devices.

No Private IP’s

ExpressVPN generally offers lots of bonuses with shared IP but it doesn’t provide private IPs. This is a problem especially when you use Netflix. Netflix can trace your location by breaking the shared IP. There’s a solution to this problem too. You can fool them by switching servers from time to time so that they can’t trace you anymore.

ExpressVPN is undoubtedly a quality VPN service provider who provides tough security, offering users to use Netflix for a whole day and night, offering high-quality features with greater speed. Although the price is a little bit expensive especially for a country like Bangladesh and it also has a few other cons, there’s no argument about their superiority over other VPN providers. This is an accomplished, professional, dignified service in every possible way.