People around the world have to face new updates during transactions in various e-wallets. The world’s most popular e-wallet is not out of this and the users of Neteller are also passing this test to transact money. During the period of transaction, they’re seeing messages like “Deposit Unsuccessful“. The reason is the users of Neteller have to perform video KYC(Know Your Customer). Now, users can’t verify the Neteller account without performing video KYC verification. Truth to be told, video verification will slowly get underway in all e-wallets and digital currencies very soon. Therefore, this is just the beginning of a new era in the e-wallet and betting industry. Here, we will discuss how to do the video KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with Neteller from 2020. Let’s begin the discussion.

How To Do The Video KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification With Neteller From 2020


we know that betting sites are only allowable to the people who are over 18 years. But, some young people are buying other accounts to use betting sites to bet. As a result, this video KYC verification process has been instigated. This is called “Merchant Verification“. When the merchant verification will be completed, you’ll be worthy of merchant payment. You’ll have to perform three steps to how to do the video KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with Neteller from 2020. Here are the steps –

  1. Go to your Neteller account
  2. Verify Your ID Card
  3. Face Verification ( video KYC verification )

Now, start the discussion –

Go to your Neteller account

At first, go to your Neteller website through any browser. After you go to the Neteller website, login page like the image below –

Log in the neteller account

Here, log in your account in Neteller ID by submitting your mail ID, password, and wait for the “I am not a Robot” captcha verification.

click the sign in button


After completing the captcha verification, click on the “Sign in” button.

Now, Neteller will drive you in an authentication process via a verification code that will send to your mobile number or email address.

Log in the neteller account Authentication

You’ve to choose a single way from these two ways of the verification process. Here, we will show you the verification through mobile number. After selecting the mobile number verification, A 6-digit verification code will send to your mobile number. Then, you just need to put the 6-digit code at the box of “Verification Code“. Moreover, you need to remember that the code will be active for around 15 minutes.

Enter the verification code


After typing the verification code on the box, click on the “Log in” button.

Now, after login to the Neteller account, click the three-dots menubar. Then, you’ll find multiple options. Select the “Settings” option.

Click the settings option

Now, a new page will open after selecting the “Settings” option where you can verify your Neteller account. Here, we are showing the next stage of the verification.

Verify Your Account

After selecting the “Settings” option, a new page will open. Scroll down the page and you’ll find “Account Verification” option. There are three options under the hood of ‘Account Verification”. Please, select the “Verify now” option from there.

click verify now

After clicking the “Verify now” option, you’ll see the page named “Verify your account”.

ID verification

Now, scroll down and you’ll find three options to choose in order to verify your account. The three options are – Download the mobile app, Take and upload webcam photos, and Verify with Facebook. Here, we are recommending you to choose “Take and upload webcam photos” option.

Click Take and Upload photos

There’s a reason to choose “Take and upload webcam photos“. If you choose the first option, you have to reveal many personal documents of you which could harm your own security. On the other hand, you can also Verify with Facebook. But, it could be risky as well as if somehow your account gets blocked or hacked, your Neteller account could face extreme danger. As a result, Take and upload webcam photos option is the best. You only need to upload images of your ID and take a webcam photo for verification in this process.

After clicking the “Take and upload webcam photos”, you’ll be given two options.

Chose the ID you want to submit

One is “Choose issuing country/region”. Select the country or region where you live. Another is “Select ID type”. There are three options in the “Select ID type” option. These three options are – Passport, Driving License, and Identity Card. Here, we will choose the Identity Card option. The reason is most of the people use the ID card to verify the account.

After selecting the Identity card, you’ll see two options to Submit identity card. The two options are –

  • Take Photo, and
  • Upload file

Select the image

Select the “Take Photo” option and you’ll find the three steps. You need to Upload front of the identity card in the first step.

Upload the fornt side of the ID card

Click the “Choose file” and select the front side of the ID card.

Click confirm to Upload the fornt side of the ID card

After uploading the front side of the ID card, click on the “Confirm” button. Then, it will ask you for the backside of the ID card which is the second step of this process.

Upload the back side of the ID card

Click the “Choose file” and select the backside of the ID card.

After uploading the backside of the ID card, click on the “Confirm” button.

Click confirm to Upload the back side of the ID card


Now, it’s time for the last and most important step. The “Face Verification” Step.

Face Verification ( Video KYC Verification )

After the completing of the uploading successfully the front and backside of the Identity Card, it’s time for “Face Verification“.  You will see the “Face Verification” button with a sentence below –

This will be used to verify your ID. Center your face in the frame. Your face will be captured automatically.

You’ll see a page like this –

Face verification foe Video KYC


Now, click “Continue” for continuing the process.

After clicking the Continue button, you’ll find a page named “Hold camera at eye level“.

Hold your camera at eye level


Now, click on the “tick” option and then click the “Continue” button. Then, press the “Allow” option.

After that, put the selfie camera in front of your face. Here’s one thing that is very much recommended. The thing is you must put the selfie camera near to your face. Don’t distance it. After clicking the camera near to your face, click the “Start” button.

Frame your face and click start


Then, move the camera more center to the face.

center your face

Thus, move the camera more closer to the camera.

Move Closer

Hold the camera still after moving closer.

Hold still after move closer


Just remind that hold the camera very smartly near to your face. The reason is when you put your face on the selfie camera, it starts to collect biometric data of your face and matches the data with your ID card.

In whatever way, after completing it, Neteller will check image quality for ID verification.

Checking the image quality for ID verification


Then, when the checking is over, your docs will be submitted to Neteller.

Documents are submitted

You need to click the Continue button here.

The old user should stop here. Neteller will pending your video KYC verification. Neteller will review your ID and if everything is ok, then they will verify it.

However, new users must be back into the “Verify your account” page and click on the “Upload Address Document” option.

Upload Adress Document

The new users need to upload the bank statement. There you can see a sentence which writes –

Files of the type JPG, PNG and PDF are supported.

This means you can upload only JPG, PNG, or PDF type of files in here. Other formats won’t be allowed.

click upload files


Hence, click on the Upload Files and upload the bank statement.

select the files

After uploading press the Continue button.

your document is uploading

After that, Neteller will take your information and the address will be submitted. Then, click the Continue button for the review.

click continue button to complete the neteller account verification

After clicking the Continue button, Neteller will pending your account for review.

Your account in review to verify

After completing the Neteller video KYC verification, click on the three-dots and then click on the account and end the process.

In addition,

there’s no need to feel disgusted or fearful about it. It’s a simple process. Moreover, such this update will help bar the underage people and money launders to remove from the betting sites as well as e-wallets. SO, enjoy the process. On the other hand, if you want to open an account in Neteller, you can visit this link – How to open a Neteller account in 2020.

Furthermore, you need to pay a deposit if you want to open a Neteller account. But, here we’re giving you the link of Stakebd where you can open an account in Neteller without first deposit. Here is the link – Neteller.Com

So, we are wishing you good luck and have a great journey ahead!