Nowadays, users have to pass a new type of verification system during online transactions in Skrill. Skrill has updated their verification system. When they try to make a deposit, a message is showing that “Deposit Unsuccessful“. As a result, Skrill users are failing to make any deposit. They have to perform video verification. Without video verification, there’s no chance of verifying the Skrill account. Actually, video verification will slowly get underway in all e-wallets and digital currencies transaction system very soon. So, this is just the beginning. Here, we will discuss how to do the video KYC (Know Your Customer) verification with Skrill from 2020. Let’s begin the discussion.

How To Do The Video KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification With Skrill From 2020:

It’s no secret that betting sites are only usable for adults who are 18+ years old. People who perform merchant payments also have to verify Skrill with video KYC (Know Your Customer). This is called “Merchant Verification“. After the merchant verification, you’ll be able to do merchant payments. Without merchant verification, there’s no way you can make merchant payments. There are many underage people who are using betting sites by purchasing accounts from others. With the instigation of this video KYC process, there’s no way anybody can’t make any kind of deception. Everything will be fair and clear from now on.

Now, we are going to show you the Skrill video KYC verification process.

There are three simple steps to perform Skrill video KYC verification.

1. Go to Skrill Account
2. Verify your account
3. Face verification

Now, start the discussion –

1. Go to Skrill Account

At first, go to the Skrill account of yours. But, it would be a smarter option if you enter into your Skrill account through Google Chrome browser instead of the Skrill app. The reason is Skrill app does problem and that’s why we are recommending Google Chrome. Now, go to the Skrill account from the Chrome browser and you’ll find a three-dot menu there.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Three-dots in Skrill account

Now, click on that menu and you’ll see the “Settings” option. Click on the Settings option and scroll down.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Settings in Skrill

Now, you’ll find an option named “verification”.

2. Verify your account

Click on the Verification.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Verification in Skrill

Hence, you’ll find an option named “Additional Verification” and also find an option “Verify” under the hood of the “Additional Verification” option.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Verify in Skrill

After doing this, choose the country you live and select the ID type. You’ll see three options of ID. These three options are –

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Identity Card
Skrill Video KYC Verification
Three options to verify Skrill

Here, we’ll select Identity Card to perform the verification. After selecting the ID card, click on “Take Photo”.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Take Photo option

When you click on “Take Photo”, you’ll see “Front of Identity Card”.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Front of the ID Card

Click on the “Start” menu in here. After clicking Start, now click on the “Allow” option.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Allow button during verification

Now, check on your identity card. You have to take a clear photo of the front side of your ID card. Then, click on the confirm menu.

Now, you’ll see another page that demands the back of the ID card. Take the backside of the ID card the same way as the front side of the ID card.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Backside of NID

Now, click the “confirm” button.

The Front side of NID

One thing is that you can even use a passport or driving license to verify the account. It’s up to your wish.

3. Face Verification

After confirming the id, now its time for face verification. You’ll get the face verification automatically after clicking the “confirm” button in the previous step. Click the continue option to run the face verification. When you click the continue option, you’ll see an option named “Hold camera at eye level”.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Hold camera at eye level

After clicking continue at “Hold Camera at eye level”, you’ll have to go for face verification.


Skrill Video KYC Verification
Face Verification

Now, keep your face straight in front of the selfie camera. Moreover, put your face near to the camera. Please, don’t keep it in distance.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Put your face in front of selfie camera

When you put your face in front of the selfie camera, it will start to analyze the biometric data of your face.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Analyzing biometric data

If it matches with the picture of your ID, then it will be a successful one.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Succession after the successful biometric analyzation

As the successful biometric analyzation is over, now Skrill will check the image quality for ID verification.

Skrill Video KYC Verification
Checking image quality for ID verification

Now, you should click the continue option so that your ID will go for pending in Skrill.

How To Do The Video KYC (Know Your Customer) Verification With Skrill From 2020
You can submit your Skrill account by clicking the ‘Continue” option.

In addition, some users might be feel disturbed or feel it difficult to perform how to do the video KYC verification with Skrill from 2020. However, it’s not difficult neither a disturbance matter. With this video KYC verification, underage bettors can easily be detected. Besides, money laundering, syndicate, etc. things can also be removed through this new update from Skrill. So, perform this video KYC verification and enjoy Skrill. On the other hand, if you want to open an account in Skrill, please check out this article of ours – How to Open a Skrill account from in 2020 (Updated)?