If you are interested in online trading or sports betting you will need your personal Neteller or Skrill account.  Today we are showing you How to open a Skrill account in 2020. If you already have a Skrill account and want to open a Neteller account, you can check out our “how-to guide for Neteller account here”.

Opening a Skrill account is not a complex procedure, rather it’s really easy to create an account from various countries. It just takes some valid information according to your authentic identity like NID, Passport, Bank statement, etc. Also, you need a valid email address. If you don’t have a valid email ID yet, check out our baby steps guide: How to get an email account.

How to Open a Skrill account in 2020?

There are four simple steps to open a Skrill account.

  1. Go to the Skril.com and REGISTER,
  2. Select the security option and
  3. Verify your “Email address”

Let’s go through the procedure –

Go to the Skril.com and REGISTER

Step#1: Go to the Skril.com and REGISTER:

At first, go to the Skrill official website.

Now to open a new account, click to the “REGISTER” button.

To open a new account click to the REGESTER button

A new page will appear where you will have to fill up the registration form. Like this –

Skrill registration page

Here two field you need to fill-up

  • Email and
  • Password

Your password must contain at least 8 characters, 1 letter, 1 number, or symbol.

Skrill registration page, Email and password field
Click “Next” to fill up the “Personal detail” like this

Skrill registration page, Personal detail field

What you have to fill up here

  • First Name,
  • Surname (Last Name),
  • I live in (your Country) and
  • Date of birth.

After filling up all your personal information you need to click the “Next” button like here

Skrill registration page, Filling up theaz Personal detail field

Next section will appear to fill up your address information, like this

Skrill registration page, Address field

Here you need to fill up the

  • Address 1 (As the address you used in your utility bill or you bank statement),
  • Address 2 (optional; if you need a second line for typing your address),
  • City,
  • Postal Code,
  • Click “Next” to go to the final section of the registration.

Skrill registration page, Filling UP the Address field

After clicking the “Next Button” You will need to do –

  1. Select you preferred (USD) currency (which cannot be changed in future)
  2. Click the “checkbox” of “I’m not a robot” and fill up the captcha.
  3. Click the “checkbox” to get your registered information via email as well as agree with the Skrill Account Terms of Use and the Skrill Privacy Policy.

` Skrill registration page, Final step

Click the “OPEN ACCOUNT”.  The new raw Skrill Account page will appear.

Select the security option

Step#2: Select the security option:

Skrill New Account, Select the security option

Here you will see two security option

  1. Create a PIN
  2. Google Authenticator app

Proffered to select option 1 for your account security.

Click the “Create a PIN” option. A pop up will come out like this-

Skrill New Account, Select the security option, Create a PIN

Enter your PIN and note down the PIN in a safe way.

Click “Save” to reach your  Skrill account interface.

Skrill New Account Interface

Verify your Email address

Step#3: Verify your “Email address”:

A little thing you need to do is you have to verify your “Email address” against this new Skrill account.

Verify Email address of new Skrill account.

After clicking the verify link a page will appear like this

Email verified_ new Skrill account

Here it will be informed that “Your email is verified”

Now it was last but not least.

“Every new account needs to be verified account to use that account”.

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