Many cricket fans have a thing in mind that how to predict cricket matches. So, match prediction is becoming a hot trend after the inauguration of the T20 tournament. Moreover, this is reasonable as many fans want to know whether their favorite team is going to win the next one or not. It’s actually a good question. However, there’s some analysis that has to do before making a prediction cricket match today. Without proper analysis, it’s nearly impossible how to predict cricket matches. On the other hand, if we closely follow the bilateral series or domestic tournament or international tournament, proper analysis is a must to predict a cricket match. Therefore, in this how-to guide, we are going to have a deep discussion on how to predict cricket matches? and see the winner using a cricket prediction calculator in 2020.

Let’s jump to the guidance.

How to Predict Cricket Matches? and See the Winner Using Cricket Prediction Calculator in 2020.

First, we will understand the logical factors to predict cricket matches. Second, we will implement our marking on the cricket prediction calculator according to those factors.

How to Predict Cricket Matches?

There are several factors and analyses you need to do in order to today’s cricket match prediction. Like-

  1. Team Rankings,
  2. Home Advantage,
  3. Recent form,
  4. Head to Head,
  5. Player Analytics,
  6. Point table,
  7. Field Condition and
  8. Exceptional.


Here are the explanations with examples to understand how to predict (Test/T20/ODI) cricket matches from our experience:

  • Find “Team Rankings” to predict cricket matches.

    What is Team Rankings?

    Team Rankings in cricket is a ranking of teams in terms of T20/ODI/Test by ICC (International Cricket Council)

    The ICC Team Rankings has a huge role in predict cricket matches. ICC started the ranking process to identify the teams that are actually dominating at present.


    Australia tour of South Africa, 2020 match prediction

    Feb 21 – Mar 07 
    3 T20Is, 3 ODIs 

    Australia tour of South Africa, 2020 match prediction

    South Africa Australia
    ICC T20 Rankings 5th 2nd
    ICC ODI Rankings 4th 5th

    Australia toured in South Africa from February to March. We saw Australia was ahead of South Africa in the list of ICC T20 team rankings and South Africa was in the upper position of Australia in the list of ICC ODI team rankings (rankings are showing in a table above). Then, we convinced the result on both team’s performances where South Africa dominated in ODIs while Australia triumphed in T20Is. Therefore, we had to predict Australia as the winner for the T20 cricket matches and to predict South Africa as the winner for the ODI cricket matches.

    The Results:

    Australia won 2 out of 3 T20s and South Africa won all ODIs. (Prediction matched)

  • “Home Advantage” is mandatory to predict which team will win in a cricket match.

    What is Home Advantage?

    Home Advantage is a cricket term where Home means a team is going to play in their home-ground and get an advantage over the Away team.

    The home team is a team that plays in their home ground. Then, teams are always getting some advantages while playing at their own cricket field. They get the advantage of the pitch, cricket field radius, gaming plan against climate nature, cheers from the home supporters, etc. during a cricket match. Therefore, it generally increases confidence in them and it has a deep impact on prediction cricket match today.


    Sri Lanka tour of Australia, 2019 match prediction

    Oct 24 – Nov 01
    4 T20s.
    Sri Lanka tour of Australia, 2019 match prediction

    Australia Sri Lanka
    Home Away

    It is known that when a team plays in the home condition, they have lots of benefits on like pitch, field, supports from the audience, familiar surroundings, etc. They can even modify the pitch in their own way.

    Sri Lanka toured Australia in the last phase of 2019. Australia is literally a monster in their home ground.  It’s nearly impossible to beat Kangaroos (Australian Cricket Team) at their home. Moreover, we know that Australia is the host of the world’s most competitive T20 cricket league Big Bash. As a result, it was expected Australia to win the series and Australia proved their superiority by beating Sri Lanka (3-0) on that series.

    So, we predicted that Australia was going to win the match. Finally, Australia completely demolished Sri Lanka.

    The Results:

    Australia won all the matches. (Prediction matched)

  • “Recent/Current form” of a team gives an idea to predict cricket matches.

    What is Recent form?

    In recent form, you need to see some previous match results of a cricket team and observe they are progressing or not (Like, Number of winning matches is good or not).

    The current form of a team plays a deep impact on predicting a cricket match. On the other hand, a team that is performing comparatively well than the opponent or the counterpart has a much better chance to win the match. Furthermore, before predicting a cricket match, we can look up at least 5 recent played matches of a team to get an idea who has a better chance to win.


    India tour of New Zealand, 2020 match prediction

    Jan 24 – Feb 02 
    5 T20

    India tour of New Zealand, 2020 match prediction

    Recent form IND NZ

    recent match



    the match. 

    Win Loss
    Win Loss
    Win Win
    Loss Win
    Win Loss
    Total Recent Wins 4 Wins 2 Wins

    We predicted INDIA was going to be the winner for t20 matches in this series. Moreover, the reason is, India’s recent form was much better than New Zealand. Besides, if we only see on T20, we can see the clear domination of India as India won 4 out of last 5 T20 before New Zealand tour while NZ won just in 2 matches out of 5. Then, India completely demolished New Zealand by 5-0 in the five-match T20I series.

    The Results:

    India won all the T20 matches. (Prediction matched)

    (Series started with T20s matches and India’s form was superb in the T20 format.)

  • “Head to Head” records will help to predict cricket matches.

    What is Head to Head?

    The teams already played with each other (Head to Head/face to face) several times before they are going to face again for a cricket match.

    Before predicting the match, it’s a smart move to check out the head to head match between the teams. You’ll get a better idea of who has the overall superiority. Although cricket is a game of uncertainty but most of the time the team who has a better head to head record usually comes out on top. So, it’s pretty clear that head to head record is such a big factor on match prediction.


    New Zealand tour of Australia, 2020 match prediction

    Mar 13
    1 ODIs,

    New Zealand tour of Australia, 2020 match prediction

    Head to Head records Australia New Zealand
    2019 Win Loss
    2017 Loss Win
    2017 Loss Win
    2016 Win Loss
    2016 Win Loss
    Total 3 Wins  2 Win

    From the table above, we’ve earned the knowledge that Australia is the gainer in the head to head match against the Black Caps (New Zealand Cricket Team). This is the records before the ODI match Australia won the 3 matches while NZ managed to earn the victory for 2 times. The head to head record completely supported the theory, how it has an influence over match prediction and the result showed it works.

    New Zealand toured Australia for three ODIs and three T20Is. But, due to the coronavirus outbreak, only one ODI match happened as per schedule. Australia won by 71 runs in that ODI match. Before the match, Australia and New Zealand faced each other for 136 times where Australia won 91 times and New Zealand won 38 times. It was pretty much obvious Australia will win the game and they did it.

    The Result:

    Australia won the match. (Prediction matched)

  • “Player Analysis” is a very important fact to predict cricket matches.

    What is Player Analytics?

    Cricket Player Analytics means you need to see the player records like, the Strike Rate (SR) and Batting Average (AVG) of Batsmen and the Economy Rate (Econ) and Bowling Average (AVG) of Bowlers.

    Your player analysis can be a simple mathematical observation in order to predict cricket matches. At first, choose the top players of both teams and make a proper comparison between the top batsmen and top bowlers. On top of that, you’ll get an average answer of which team is going to empower by better players than the opponent? So, compare your listed data and it will help you to predictions for cricket match in the correct way.


    INDIA vs AUSTRALIA, 3rd ODI match prediction

    Jan 19, 2020

    INDIA vs AUSTRALIA, 3rd ODI match prediction

    Batsmen SR AVG Batsmen SR AVG
    VK 93.25 59.34 Aaron Finch 88.70 41.03
    Rohit 88.93 49.27 Steven Smith 86.67 42.47
    Shreyas 100.81 49.87 David Warner 95.76 45.41
    Total 282.99 158.48 273.13 128.91
    Decision:  Better  Better Good  Good 

    Just look at the top 3 batsmen of India and Australia. So, you’ll clearly see that Indian top batsmen are ahead in Strike Rate (SR) and Batting Average (AVG). On the other hand, Australian batsmen are lagging behind Indian batsmen. Therefore, India has a better batting lineup than Australia in that match.

    Bowlers Econ AVG Bowlers Econ AVG
    Jasprit Bumrah 4.56 24.43 Pat Cummins 5.16 27.55
    Mohammad Shami 5.59 25.42 Josh Hazlewood 4.75 25.68
    Kuldeep Yadav 5.11 5.8 Mitchell Starc 5.11 22.23
    Total 15.26 76.01 15.02 75.46
    Decision:  Better
    Better Good  Good

    Now, check out the Economy Rate (Econ) and Bowling Average (AVG) between Indian and Australian bowlers. On the other hand, Indian bowlers are ahead of the Australian bowling unit by a very thin margin.

    Here, we can see the overall picture of both teams who actually have a better squad.

    IND  AUS
    SR AVG Econ SR AVG Econ
    Better Better Better Good Good Good
    Better  Good 

    After checking out the overall decisions, it’s clear that India has a better data of batting and bowling lineup and we predicted India to win. In the end, India appeared as the winner against Australia.

    The Result:

    IND won the match. (Prediction matched)

  • “Point table” always provides the idea to predict a cricket match.

    What is Point table?

    Point table is a table where teams of a tournament are being ranks in terms of points they gain individually after finishing a cricket match. Highest point gainer get the top

    When a tournament starts, you can have the knowledge about who is the potential winner of the tournament after a few matches. You can earn an idea based on the performance of each team in the first phase of the tournament. The team who generally features in the top place of the point table has more chances to justify the title than the opponent who holds the lower position in the table.


    Dolphins vs Knights, 1st Semi-Final, Momentum ODI Cup 2020 match prediction

    Mar 17

    Dolphins vs Knights, 1st Semi-Final, Momentum ODI Cup 2020 match prediction

    Teams Mat Won Lost NR Points NRR
    Dolphins 10 7 3 0 30 +0.698
    Lions 10 6 3 1 28 +0.369
    Warriors 10 5 4 1 24 +0.132
    Knights 10 4 4 2 22 -0.367
    Titans 10 4 6 0 18 -0.087
    Cape Cobras 10 2 8 0 8 -0.884

    If we count on the running Momentum ODI Cup 2020, we see that it is Dolphins who is the top team of the tournament with massive 30 points at their kettle. They also won the highest 7 matches so far. Now, Dolphins will face Knights in the 1st semi-final of the tournament. Knights is currently sitting at the 4th position of the point table, they earned 22 points and won only 4 matches so far.

    Based on the point table, we can predict that if there will be no drama at all, it will be Dolphins who is going to win the 1st semi-final of Momentum ODI Cup 2020.

  • “Field Condition” will help to predict cricket matches.

    What is Field Condition?

    Field condition mainly means is the field is batting/bowling friendly or both, the field radius effects to score 4s & 6s, is it easy to chase by batting/bowling, etc.

    The condition of a cricket field has a large influence on prediction for cricket matches. A field can be the decider of a match in various circumstances.


    Australia tour of India, 2020 match prediction

    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

    Jan 14
    Australia tour of India, 2020 match prediction

    Field Toss Toss winner Choose to

    Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

    Field Condition Hints to Predict:

    • Batting friendly Pitch.
    • Easy to hit 6s, 4s.
    • Easy to chase by batting
    Australia Won the toss Bowling first

    Australia faced India in the first match of the three-match ODI series at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai. Over and all, Wankhede Stadium is famous for its batting-friendly nature. Therefore, most of the team usually elect to choose to bowl first if they win the toss. But, things didn’t change in the first ODI between Australia vs India. Australia won the toss and sent India to bat. On the other hand, the Wankhede Stadium is short, and its quite easy to strike fours and sixes in its short boundary. For this reason, chasing the score is flexible and most of the teams do that in this stadium. The Kangaroos were no different and chose to bowl first. After that, India managed to post 255 runs while Australia earned a massive victory of 10 wickets.

    The field was perfect to chase a score and Australia did a clever job by choosing bowling first rather than batting. The result proved it was a good decision by Australia. 

    The Result:

    Australia won by 10 wickets. (Prediction matched)

See the Winner Using Cricket Prediction Calculator in 2020.

Cricket Prediction Calculator:

According to the logic above let’s mark an upcoming cricket match to see which team is more closer to win.

Factors Marks out of
Team Ranking
Home Advantage
Recent form
Head to Head
Field Report
Player Analytics
Point table
Pitch Support
Total points 80

*Fill-up the fields above to make the button visible.

Here we give the total marking out of 80. The next 20 mark depends on the some “Exceptional” Cases (are discussed below).

  • Exceptional cases for cricket prediction.

    There some other exceptional cases you can consider for predicting a cricket match.

    Pitch Support

    This is another factor that has a deep influence on predictions for cricket matches. The characteristics of pitch can decide the moments of the game. If the pitch is bouncy wicket, then the team with more pacers will get an advantage. On the other hand, if the pitch is slow, then batsmen and spinners will get the bow. We generally see that the home team always makes a pitch according to their strength although they’ve to follow some ICC rules. Pitch curators build pitch according to the instruction of the home team. They can modify or change the vibe of the pitch. This is how the pitch has a deep influence on prediction cricket match today.

    Historical Report of the Stadium

    There is some historical report of the stadium that a cricket team has the best winning report there. These will helps you to predict the winner of the match. Because of most the time a team has better winning records than others although the stadium is not their home ground.

    Importance of Match

    Suppose two cricket teams are going to face each other (Team A vs Team B) in a tournament. Team A has the top ranks and Team B has the lower ranks on that tournament. Hence, win the match is very important for Team B. So that Team B can join the next cricket match.

    Magical player

    Magical Player considers the player who has the most dependent on his team. For India – Kohli, Rohit; for Bangladesh – Tamim, Shakib, Mushfiq, etc.

    If these magical players are not performing well in a match it could bring the loss for their team.

    Exceptional Playing

    Once in a cricket match, England scored 120 runs by 9 wickets. After losing the 9 wickets it was quite impossible to win. But they scored the next 150+ runs by the last 1 wicket which was a totally exceptional game for them.

    If you consider this kind of playing above, Zimbabwe can win against Australia by 1wickets!!! That’s why it’s Exceptional Playing.

    Physical and Mental Condition also has an impact in Test cricket

    The physical and mental condition is such an important thing to predict Test cricket matches. We know that Test matches are the longest format in cricket. It’s not that easy to keep up the mental attitude such a long period. This is why players need extraordinary physical condition as well as very sublime mental condition.

    For instance, Australian or England cricketers have always possessed a great physique along with great mentality. The reason is the cricket boards of them train them to achieve and work on these things. They usually go to the mountains, hills, taking army training, goes to various mental training sessions. As a result, they developed such traits from a very young age. Therefore, they always do better in Test matches than other teams players.

    Weather Condition can help to predict a T20 cricket match.

    Additionally, the weather can make a big impact on predicting a T20 cricket match. Yes, it sounds odd but it’s damn true. Sometimes, players from a region can’t cope with the weather of another region. This is an utter reality.


    Afghanistan vs West Indies, 2019 – t20 match prediction

    Nov 14 – Nov 17
    3 T20Is

    West Indies Cricket Team visited India to play against Afghanistan in last year’s November. Windies team has played three-match T20Is against Afghanistan. Besides, Afghanistan is relatively new in cricket while West Indies has a long-time history of glory. Moreover, West Indies cricketers are accustomed to playing in the world’s top T20 leagues.

    They also host one of the most exciting T20 tournament Caribbean Premier League (CPL). But, Afghanistan had the weather condition by their side as the Caribbean cricketers have a little idea about the weather condition of the subcontinent. Therefore, we had to predict Afghanistan to win the T20 cricket matches. Therefore, Afghans subdued them surprisingly in the subcontinent. On the other hand, the Caribbean players failed to cope with the weather condition of the South Asian subcontinent that earned the victory for Afghanistan.

    The match result:

    Afghanistan won the three-match T20Is by 2-1. (matched)

    So, these exceptional cases you can consider for predicting a match.

Now, these are the ingredients to predict cricket matches. Moreover, you can earn more depth and substantial knowledge by watching cricket shows like Extra Time, Game Plan, Inside Edge, etc. However, you should keep in mind that cricket is an unpredictable sport. Therefore, your prediction could be useless. It doesn’t matter how deep your analysis is, the success rate could be very minimal. Sometimes, a weak team can beat a strong team. On the other hand, it’s very much possible in cricket, especially in T20 cricket matches. So, our suggestion is you can predict a cricket match but you shouldn’t expect your prediction will be right. As a result, it will be best to keep calm and watch the matches!