There’s a myth among people that only experts can predict a cricket match. But, it’s not true. Can’t believe it? No reason to disbelief. All you need to gain some knowledge on a few matters and do some research. If you still have a doubt, you can read this article about us How to Predict Cricket Matches?. Things are pretty much the same for the ODI cricket matches. However, you need to put some things in your mind before predict ODI cricket matches. You can’t be so sure that your prediction gonna work. So, our recommendation is instead of trying to be perfect, try possibilities when predicting ODI cricket matches. On the other hand, in this article, we are going to discuss how to predict ODI cricket matches?

So, let’s begin the discussion on the prediction ODI cricket match today.

How to Predict ODI Cricket Matches | Which team will win? – Tips & Tricks for 2020

Before today’s cricket match prediction, we must research various methods and factors to get nearly appropriate results.

So, now let’s go to the discussion –

  • Find “ODI Team Ranking” To Predict ODI Cricket Matches.

    What is Team Ranking?

    ODI Team Rankings in cricket is a ranking of teams in terms of ODI by ICC (International Cricket Council)

As ODI format is still the most competitive format in cricket, the ICC team ranking holds the most important matter in predict ODI cricket matches. On the other hand, if we see the ICC team ranking, it will surely give us concrete knowledge. Moreover, the knowledge about which team has a much better possibility to win the ODI match between the participating teams.

Example –

India Tour of West Indies, 2019 ODI match prediction

Aug 03 – Sep 03

3 Tests, 3 ODIs, 3 T20s

India Tour of West Indies, 2019, ODI match prediction

West Indies
ICC ODI Ranking 9th 2nd

India visited West Indies for 3 Tests, 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is from August 3 to September 3 at 2019. Although the first ODI canceled due to bad weather, Virat Kohli’s men earned two consecutive win in the 2nd and 3rd ODIs respectively. However, both wins came through the DLS method but it depicted the sheer dominance of India over the West Indies in both matches.

On the other hand, India was superb in both batting and bowling. Moreover, West Indies literally had no chance and they maybe thanked the weather for escaping whitewash! Now, see the team ranking correctly. India is the 2nd positioned team while Windies is sitting in the 9th position of point table. Therefore, this team ranking is pretty much sum up to predict cricket match between them.

The match result:

India won the three-match ODI series by 2-0 margin and it matched the first factor. (Matched)

  •  “Home Advantage” is necessary to predict ODI cricket matches.

    What is Home Advantage?

    Home Advantage is a cricket term where Home means a team is going to play in their home-ground and get an advantage over the Away team.

The home team always has an advantage over the away team in ODI matches. As a result, this is why the home advantage is necessary to predict ODI cricket matches. Moreover, we all know that most of the cricket’s elite competitions organized through ODI format. On the other hand, if we see the pictures in the past decade, we can clearly see the dominance of the home team’s in those competitions. For instance, India won the World Cup 2011 in their home ground. Besides, the same thing goes for Australia and England. Both teams won the biggest prize of cricket on their own ground.

Furthermore, the home ground actually provides more “tonic” to the teams. Besides, the home team generally draws more cheers from the home fans. On top of that, the crowd, pitch, surroundings, etc. everything goes for their favor. As a result, this is why the home condition is very necessary to the prediction for ODI cricket match.


Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka, 2019 ODI match prediction

Jul 26 – Jul 31

3 ODIs.

Bangladesh tour of Sri Lanka, 2019, ODI match prediction

Sri Lanka
Home Away

Besides, it’s no secret that when a team plays at their home ground, they usually get an unbelievable advantage over their counterpart. Moreover, if we see the example we showed above, it will be more clear to us. Bangladesh toured in Sri Lanka in 2019 right after the World Cup 2019. Moreover, Sri Lanka just busted Bangladesh in the three-match ODI series as they whitewashed the Tigers by 3-0.

On the other hand, Bangladesh surrendered poorly against Sri Lanka as Sri Lanka took the full home advantage. Both teams returned from the world cup and Bangladesh went to play the ODI series in Sri Lanka. Moreover, Sri Lanka had their home advantage and whitewashed them. So, it clearly depicts how home advantage is necessary to predictions for ODI cricket match.

The match result:

Sri Lanka won the three-match ODI series by 3-0 and it matches the home/away condition factor (Matched).

  • “Recent/Current form” of a team gives the knowledge to predict ODI cricket matches.

    What is Recent form?

    In recent form, you need to see some previous match results of a cricket team and observe they are progressing or not (Like, Number of winning matches is good or not).

The current form of a team gives proper knowledge to predict ODI cricket match. Actually, the thing is which team is used to win regularly, has a great chance to overpower their opponent. On the other hand, things are pretty much the same in ODI matches. Moreover, confidence plays a key role in this case. Besides, the team who used to winning has the self-confidence to beat the opponent in an ODI match.


Pakistan tour of England, 2019 ODI match prediction

5 ODIs, 1 T20

May 05 – May 19

Pakistan tour of England, 2019, ODI match prediction

Win Loss
Loss Loss
No Result Loss
Win Loss
Loss Loss
Total wins 2 Wins 0 Wins
Pakistan toured in England in 2019’s month of May. Pakistan played 5 ODIs and 1 T20I against England. Conversely, England literally trounced Pakistan in the series. Pakistan failed to register a single win in 5 ODIs as England got 5 thumping wins over them. So, it was such a splendid performance from Eoin Morgan’s troops.

On the other hand, before the series, we can look up the 5 ODI match performance of England and Pakistan. Then, we can clearly see the superiority of England in the stat. Besides, England managed to win in 2 ODI matches while Pakistan failed to win a single ODI match. Maybe, we just got an idea about the significance of current matches performance. So, it’s clear that the current form of a team gives proper knowledge to predict ODI cricket matches.

The match result:

England won all the 5 ODI matches. (Matched).

  • “Head to Head” records will surely help to predict ODI cricket matches.

    What is Head to Head?

    The teams already played with each other (Head to Head/face to face) several times before they are going to face again for a cricket match.

It’s good to check up the head to head records between the teams before the clash. It will surely help to predict ODI cricket matches. Moreover, as ODI format is still the holder of the major international tournaments, it will give proper knowledge about who has the bigger chance to clinch the game.


New Zealand tour of Australia, 2020 ODI match prediction

Mar 13
1 ODIs,

New Zealand tour of Australia, 2020, ODI match prediction

Tournaments with year Australia New Zealand
2019 Win Loss
2017 Loss Win
2017 Loss Win
2016 Win Loss
2016 Win Loss
Total 3 Wins  2 Win
Here, from the table, we got a deeper idea that who has the upper hand in head to head clashes. We can see that Kangaroos has clear supremacy over the Black Caps in the face to face clashes.

On top of that, Australia won the three ODIs whilst New Zealand won the 2 ODIs in the last 5 ODI clashes before the match. Moreover, the head to head record completely supported the theory of how this stat has an influence over predict ODI cricket matches and the result showed it did. Anyways, the series was actually three-match ODI series. But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only 1 ODI match happened. On the other hand, the other two matches canceled due to the outbreak of this deadly virus.

However, the only ODI proves the ascendancy of Australia as they managed to earn a big win over their Tasmanian neighbor by 71 runs. Moreover, it also proves that the head to head record helps to predict ODI cricket matches.

The match result: 

Australia won the only ODI match against New Zealand. (matched)

  • “Field Condition” will help to predict ODI cricket matches.

    What is Field Condition?

    Field condition mainly means is the field is batting/bowling friendly or both, the field radius effects to score 4s & 6s, is it easy to chase by batting/bowling, etc.

The condition of a cricket field also has an influence on prediction cricket match today. On the other hand, as ODI is the holder of major big tournaments, the condition of the field holds a key role to predict today cricket match prediction.


Zimbabwe tour of Ireland, 2019 ODI match prediction

3 ODIs, 3 T20I

Jul 01 – Jul 14

1st ODI

Zimbabwe tour of Ireland, 2019, ODI match prediction

Field Toss Choose to
Bready Cricket Club, Bready, Northern Ireland


  • Batting friendly Pitch.
  • Hard to swing.
  • Easy to chase
Ireland won the toss Bowling first

Ireland faced Zimbabwe in the 1st ODI at Bready Cricket Club, Bready, Northern Ireland. It was a batting-friendly pitch but Scotland chose to bowl after winning the toss. However, they easily topple Zimbabwean’s score and won the match. Zimbabwe doesn’t have enough ideas to play in European pitches and Ireland took the advantage. Therefore, it shows the field condition is very important to predict ODI cricket matches.

The match result:

Ireland won by 4 wickets. (matched)

We know that ODI is still the most played format in international cricket. So, player analysis has a big importance in predict ODI cricket matches. As ODI is the most played format internationally, cricketers need to perform on a regular basis to get a chance in the national team. Therefore, players need to stay awake in terms of their performance.

Player Analysis is such a good way to judge the conditions of both teams. Moreover, it also gives a clear picture of the strong and weak points of both teams. After all, it is players in cricket who make the team strong. Besides, quality cricketers make a quality team. On top of that, you will find a clear picture of which team between the participating team possesses better players at their disposal. So, player analysis is very important to predict ODI cricket matches.


Sri Lanka tour of Scotland, 2019 ODI Match Prediction

May 18 – May 21

2 ODIs

Sri Lanka tour of Scotland, 2019, ODI match prediction

Batsmen SR AVG Batsmen SR AVG
Kyle Coetzer 86.22 43.8 D. Karunaratne 36.78 41.03
Michael Jones 70.07 35.12 A. Fernando 96.6 36.28
George Munsey 76.78 25.55 K. Mendis 84.68 30.52
Comment:  Good
Good Comment:  Better Better
Now, look at the top three batsmen of Scotland and Sri Lanka. Furthermore, there’s a real noteworthy difference between them. Besides, Lankan batsmen are ahead of Scottish batsmen in terms of strike rate and average. Conversely, there’s no denying that Lankan top batters are ahead of Scottish top batters and it was a plus point for Sri Lanka.

Bowler ECO AVG Bowler ECO AVG
G. Main 6.00 0.00 J Vandersay 5.87 43.64
S. Sharif 5.01 27.75 L Malinga 5.35 28.87
M. Watt 4.3 29.51 N Pradeep 5.94 36.82
Comment:  Good  Good  Comment:  Better Better

Now, after checking the bowling lineup, it’s more than clear that Sri Lanka possesses a much better bowling lineup than Scotland. Furthermore, Lankan bowling lineup is miles ahead than Scottish lineup and its totally visible.

Conversely, we can see the overall picture of both teams who actually have a better squad.

Better Better Better Good Good Good
Better  Good 

In addition, after checking out the overall results, it’s very clear to see that Sri Lanka has a better batting and bowling lineup than Scotland. On the other hand, we predicted Sri Lanka to win the series. In the end, Sri Lanka emerged as the winner against Scotland. Moreover, the first ODI abandoned due to rain. But, Lanka proved their superiority by beating Scotland in the second ODI. As a result, it shows how much important player analysis has to predict ODI cricket matches.

The match result:

Sri Lanka won the ODI Match. (matched)

  • “Pitch Support” has an impact on the prediction of a cricket match.

This is another factor that has a huge influence to predict ODI cricket matches. The nature and vibe of the pitch can be the decider of the ODI game. For instance, if the pitch is bouncy, then batters will face the problem and the team who has more fast bowlers will get the advantage. On the other hand, if the pitch is quite slow, then spinner and batsmen will get more benefits. Moreover, we usually see the home team build pitch as their wishes although they’ve to follow some ICC rules. Besides, ODI matches happen all over the day. Therefore, the structure of the pitch has a deep impact on the game.

Consequently, the Pitch curator builds pitch according to the instruction of the home team. Furthermore, pitch They can design the course of the pitch by keeping their benefit in front. This is how the pitch support has an impact to predict an ODI match.


Zimbabwe tour of Netherlands, 2019 ODI Match Prediction

2 ODIs, 2 T20s

Jun 19 – Jun 25

Zimbabwe tour of Netherlands, 2019, ODI match prediction

If we see the Zimbabwe tour of Netherlands, 2019, we can clearly see that the Netherlands has the upper hand over Zimbabwe. The Netherlands became victorious in both ODIs. In addition, the current Zimbabwe side is very inexperienced in European pitch and they don’t play top tournaments anymore. So, when they went to play against Holland in their field, the pitch was totally unknown to them. Therefore, Holland took advantage of and beat Zimbabwe.

The match result:

The Netherlands won the two-match ODIs series by 2-0. (matched)

  • “Point table” always provides the idea to predict ODI cricket matches.

    What is Point table?

    Point table is a table where teams of a tournament are being ranks in terms of points they gain individually after finishing a cricket match. Highest point gainer get the top

When a tournament begins, after a while, we can initially gather knowledge who has the ability to win the tournament. Moreover, we can gather the idea after a few matches by seeing the overall performance of participated teams. Besides, the team that features in the top in major times has the major potential to win the tournament. Therefore, the point table always provides a good idea to predict ODI cricket matches.


Ireland Tri-Nation Series, 2019 ODI match prediction

5–17 May 2019

6 ODIs

Teams Mat Won Lost NR Points NRR
Bangladesh 4 3 0 1 14 +0.622
West Indies 4 2 2 0 9 +0.843
Ireland 4 0 3 1 2 -1.783
On the other hand, if we count the final of the Ireland Tri-Series 2019 between West Indies vs Bangladesh, we should take a look at the point table before the match. Besides, it’s no secret that Bangladesh dominated the point table as they didn’t lose a single match of the tournament. So, Bangladesh was the favorite to win the final match and they won.

The match result: 

Bangladesh won the final match as well as the tournament. (Matched)

ODI Cricket Prediction Calculator:

According to the logic above let’s mark an upcoming cricket match to see which team is more closer to win.

Factors Marks out of
ODI Team Ranking
Home Advantage
Recent form
Head to Head
Field Report
Player Analytics
Point table
Pitch Support
Total points 80

*Fill-up the fields above to make the button visible.

Here we give the total marking out of 80. The next 20 mark depends on some “Exceptional” Cases (are discussed below).

  • Exceptional cases for ODI cricket prediction.

    There some other exceptional cases you can consider for predicting a cricket match.

    Historical Report of the Stadium

    There is some historical report of the stadium that a cricket team has the best winning report there. These will helps you to predict the winner of the match. Because of most the time a team has better winning records than others although the stadium is not their home ground.

    Importance of Match

    Suppose two cricket teams are going to face each other (Team A vs Team B) in a tournament. Team A has the top ranks and Team B has the lower ranks on that tournament. Hence, win the match is very important for Team B. So that Team B can join the next cricket match.

    Magical player

    Magical Player considers the player who has the most dependent on his team. For India – Kohli, Rohit; for Bangladesh – Tamim, Shakib, Mushfiq, etc.

    If these magical players are not performing well in a match it could bring the loss for their team.

    Physical and Mental Position

    Every cricket team has a consultant (Doctor) for the Physical and Mental health of players.
    If the health issue is bad it can affect the cricket team negatively for winning the match.

    Exceptional Playing

    Once in a cricket match, England scored 120 runs by 9 wickets. After losing the 9 wickets it was quite impossible to win. But they scored the next 150+ runs by the last 1 wicket which was a totally exceptional game for them.

    If you consider this kind of playing above, Zimbabwe can win against Australia by 1wickets!!! That’s why it’s Exceptional Playing.

    So, these exceptional cases you can consider for predicting a match.

In addition, these are the elements to predict the ODI cricket match. Moreover, you can earn more extent and concrete knowledge by watching cricket shows like Extra Time, Game Plan, Inside Edge, etc. But, it doesn’t matter how deep your analysis is, the success rate could be very minimal. So, our suggestion is you can predict a cricket match today but you shouldn’t expect your prediction will be right. Besides, it will be best to keep calm and watch the matches! In addition, you are welcome to ask any queries below.