If you are here to see the verify procedure, it means to us that you already opened a Skrill account. Now you are looking for the verification procedure. But if you don’t have any Skrill account you can follow our how-to guide of opening a Skrill account? Today we are going to see, how to verify a Skrill account from in 2020?

How to Verify a Skrill account in 2020?

There are four simple steps to verify a Skrill account.

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Verify your Account
  3. Summery and Email about verification

Let’s go through the procedure –

Go to the settings

Step#1: Go to the settings:

After opening the new skrill account we were in this page –

Click settings of a newliy opend Skrill account

Click the “Settings” and you will drive to the “Manage your settings” interface like this-

Manage your Srkill settings

Here we have to click on the “Limit & Verification” tab-

Click on the Limit & Verification tab

After clicking the tab here we cannot see any verification option to verify our new Skrill account.

So, what we need to do is – we have to log out and log in to our account.

After “Logging in” the account we will see the account interface like this –

Logging in your new Skrill account again

Click on the “SETTINGS” from the left side menu bar. Then we can see the verification option

Click on the SETTINGS from the menu bar

Click on the “Verification” option. You can see a drop-down with the clickable portion called “VERIFY NOW”.

So. Without wasting any time click “VERIFY NOW”. It will bring you the verification interface.

Skrill verification interface

Now, Click “Upload Photos” to verify by uploading the documents.

Verify your Account

Step#2: Verify your Account:


The “Verify Id” section will appear.

Here you must upload the photo of –

  1. Front & Back part ID (Nation ID/Driving License/passport)
  2. An image that you holding written note like “SKRILL mm/dd/2020” (its a generated phrase)

Then select the country and ID type like this

Select the country and ID type

Submit the identity card option will appear.

Submit identity card option

Click “Upload Photo”

Click on Choose File to upload the front side of ID Card

Click “Choose File” and select the front part of your ID card like this

Upload the front side of ID Card

The same way you can upload the back part of the identity card. To do that click “Confirm”.

Click on Confirm

The back of the ID card Uploading option will come out like this

The back of ID card Uploading option


Upload the back of ID card

Again, upload the back part of your ID card as you did for the front part.

Then click “Confirm”.

After clicking confirm a holding note image uploading option will appear –

Option to upload image of yourself

Click “Choose file” and Upload the image like below.

Upload image of yourself

You have to hold the generated note provided by Skrill and take a photo.


Hold the generated note provided by Skrill

After uploading all images, click the “Confirm” button.

You will be shown a notification like this –

A notification be shown like this.

Here they are transmitting the files and,

Transmitting the files

They are checking the image quality for ID verification. When the ID veridiction is done then they notify you that he documents submitted –

Click on CONTINUE to verify your address

Now click on “CONTINUE” to verify your address. Start in here-

Click on Upload Address Document

After clicking the “Upload Address Document”, you will get the interface to select the type of address document.

From all of the options let’s work with the utility bill.

So select the “Utility bill” and click on “CONTINUE”

Select the Utility bill and click on CONTINUE


The  “Upload Address Document” has to be valid for the past 90 days.

The interface to upload the Utility bill will appear-

Interface to upload the Utility bill

Upload the file as previous we did,

Upload the Utility bill


Click on CONTINUE after submitting the address

To submit the utility bill click “Continue”.

A notification will appear about your address document is submitted successfully.

Summery of this whole verification process

Click “CONTINUE” for going to the summary of this whole verification process,

Summery and Email about verification

Step#3: Summery and Email about verification:


Summery of this whole verification process

Here it’s mentioned that the ID card and the address document are “IN REVIEW”.

After a proper review, Skrill will send an email to notify you that is

“Your Skrill account has been verified”

Skrill will send an email of completion the verification

Now you can use your verified Skrill account.