07 Nov 2020, Kings XI is going to play against Champions XI at Rural Development Trust Stadium, Anantapur. Here is the Kings XI vs Champions XI, Andhra T20 League 2020, 32th Match Prediction. The Andhra T20 match will start at 01:30 (IST).

Kings XI
Kings XI
Champions XI
Champions XI
KIN-XI vs CPN-XI, T20 Match Prediction

Kings XI vs Champions XI, Andhra T20 League 2020, 32th Match Prediction

Kings XI 43%
Champions XI 37%
The percentages are showing in between 80%. The rest of the 20% is for exceptional cases. The explanations are down below.

“Kings XI” Can Be The Winner.

  1. Team Ranking:

    Kings XI and Champions XI is set to face in the 32th match of Andhra T20 League. Currently, Kings XI is sitting in the 2nd place while Champions XI sits in the 3rd place of the team ranking.

  2. Home Advantage:

    The match between Kings XI vs Champions XI is set to happen in Rural Development Trust Stadium, Anantapur. This is neutral ground. SO, no teams will get any advantage in this field.

  3. Current Form: 

    Both teams are in good form. It will be a very competitive match as both teams are looking to up their position in the ranking. Kings XI has won 8 out of 10 matches while Champions XI has won 5 out of 10 matches in Andhra T20 League so far.

  4. Head To Head:

    Kings XI has beaten Champions XI twice in this competition.

  5. Field Condition:

    This field is situated in a rural area but this field is very sophisticated with all the necessary modern facilities.

  6. Player Analysis:

    Batsmen Analytics

    M Lekhaz Reddy of Kings XI has an AVG 26.00 and SR 74.12. Another top batsman of Kings XI – V Sanjay Naidu has an AVG 31.21 and SR 69.73.

    Vamsi Krishna of Champions XI has an AVG 24.27 and SR 57.41. Another top batsman of Champions XI – Uppara Girinath has an AVG 14.00 and SR 26.58.

    Bowlers Analytics

    K Ajay Kumar of Kings XI has an AVG 19.73 and Econ 3.51. Another top bowler of Kings XI – V Ujjwal’s AVG 21.65 and Econ 5.22.

    On the other hand,  the top Champions XI bowler Varshith Reddy’s AVG 21.63 and Econ 4.60. Another Top bowler of Champions XI Achikollu Vinay Kumar has an AVG 24.70 and his Econ 7.84.

    Both teams are performing well. However, the condition of Kings XI is slightly better as they have a more balanced squad. Moreover, the batting unit of Kings X is also damn good.

  7. Point Table:

    Champions got 10 points from 10 matches while Kings got 16 points from the same amount of matches. Kings XI’s NRR 0.950 and Champions XI’s NRR -0.001.

  8. Pitch Supports:

    The pitch of Rural Development Trust Stadium is bouncy and a good place for the pacers.

However, things could be change in some terms like weather condition, or injury cases of players in a team. But, these are exceptional cases at all.

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Kings XI vs Champions XI, IPL 2020, T20 Dream 11

Kings XI Squad Overview

M Lekhaz Reddy, V Sanjay Naidu, Jagadis Rami Reddy, M Dheeraj Kumar, MA Praneeth, Jyothi Sai Krishna, S Ashish, A Pranay Kumar, K Bhima Rao, Naren Reddy, Pinninti Tapaswi, Chengalpet Rajan Ganeshwar, M Ravi Kiran, and K Sudharshan.

Champions XI Squad Overview

Vamsi Krishna, Uppara Girinath, Ricky Bhui, Rakesh Augustine, Zaheer Abbas, Dhruva Kumar Reddy, Munish Verma, Ashwin Hebbar, P Subramnayam, CH VS Kaushik, Siva Kumar, Varshith Reddy, Achikollu Vinay Kumar, Sneha Kishore.