Most Run Outs (Fielding)” in Test Cricket Betting entails that which team will do the most run-outs while fielding in a Test match. A team can do the run-outs more than other team or both teams could do the tie number of run-out. In this bet, you have to choose a team or tie. Here is the Most Run Outs (Fielding) | Test Cricket Betting Guide 2020.

Most Run Outs (Fielding) | Test Cricket Betting Guide 2020

Explanation in words

If you want to make a bet on Most Run Outs (Fielding) terms in a Test match, the online company will provide you the options which team has the most chance for most run-outs in a Test match.

First, choose the option. After choosing the option, now you need to supply your stake for the bet. If your selected option matches the end result, then you will win the bet.

On the other hand, if your option doesn’t match, you will lose the bet.

For example,

assume a Test match is about to happen between India and South Africa. You bet that India will endure the most run-outs and provide 100 dollars for it. After the match, it seems India endures 2 run-outs while West Indies endures only 1. So, your option is right and you win the bet and claim your stakes.

On the other hand, if you have chosen the West Indies, then you could lose the bet.


In addition, you choose a team for this type of bet and your chosen option matches the result. Obviously, you win the bet also if you chose the “Tie”, you also can be the bet winner.

Furthermore, for understanding the Most Run Outs (Fielding) betting term, please check out the given example below.

Guide to win - Most Run Outs (Fielding)

Most Run Outs (Fielding) – Guide for Test Cricket Betting

India vs South Africa 1st Test


South Africa

Most of the time the odds here are like this,

Most Run Outs (Fielding)

India 1.80 (odd) West Indies 2.0 (odd) Tie 8.0 (odd)

Guide to Stake for Winning the “Most Run Outs (Fielding)” in Test Cricket Betting:

If you Stake $100 on India – 1.80 (odd)

Result: India did 2 run-out where West Indies also did 1 run-out.

You will Win $180 (1.80×100=180) 

Your profit will be $80 ( $180 – $100 )

We gave the examples with Decimal Odds. To understand the other odds like American Odds, Fractional Odds, Hongkong Odds, Malaysia ODDs, Indonesian odds

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