MuchBetter is one of the most popular and game-changing payment app. This e-wallet helps users to send, store, and move money with utter security and safety. This app is much better than any other ordinary wallet apps. MuchBetter rewards customers for spending money using their digital wallet which is available in USD, EUR, or GBP. MuchBetter is the favored payment app of global gaming sites. It provides an alternative to wallets like Neteller, Skrill and Ecopayz. Here, we will do MuchBetter Review in 2020. Hope, the discussion will help e-wallet users to know in-depth about this payment app.

MuchBetter Review in 2020

In this article, we will try to figure out various insights about MuchBetter payment methods.

History of MuchBetter

The history of MuchBetter is not so old at all. It is relatively a new payment method. Since the inauguration of this e-money method, more than 500 Merchant partners added it as a deposit and cash-out option. You can keep your money safe and secured through this e-wallet and you can also send, move your money through it. They already introduced services to major parts of the world except for a few countries. Moreover, MuchBetter is a United Kingdom-based e-wallet company.

On the other hand, MuchBetter was founded in 2016. Just like the other e-wallet companies, MuchBetter also licensed and certified by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

MuchBetter Registration

Registering into a MuchBetter Account is actually not a typical task. It’s an easy task. Here, we are giving instructions. Just follow those and it will be quick.

  • At first, sign up in the MuchBetter app from your mobile
  • From the link, first, enter your phone number. Then, put a passcode along with the confirmation.
  • Now, choose the currency you want from the “Account Currency” list.
  • After that, fill up the personal information of yours which includes your name, email, date of birth, etc.
  • Accept and agree on the terms of conditions (TOC) given by MuchBetter.
  • In the opened window you will need to specify a 6-digit security code. Check your phone. MuchBetter already sent a security code on your number.
  • After confirming the code, you will get a link to the app which sent by SMS.
  • Now, install the app, enter the registration data, and fund your account. You’re ready and eligible to use MuchBetter.
  • Now, you just have to verify the account through the verification stage. This is the last stage.

Note – If you’re a citizen of the EU country, then you’ll get a free MuchBetter MasterCard.

MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter Registration

MuchBetter Verifications

The Verifications process for MuchBetter is fully available in MuchBetter app. You need a camera phone and one of your documents such as driving license, passport, or NID to perform this verification process. Now, please allow the application access to your camera. After that, take close and clear photos of both sides of the document. MuchBetter will check the validity and realness of your document. If they find everything is ok then your verification process is complete and you’ll get the confirmation. After successful confirmation, your account limit will get increased, you can send money to other users and you’ll get a free Mastercard(if you’re a member of EU country).

MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter Verification

Fees and Limits

In this world, except God’s materials, nothing is basically free. Therefore, MuchBetter is no exception and just like other wallets, MuchBetter also costs some money. There are various costs. But, we are mentioning only important ones. Here are the lists –

  • Deposit Fee

The deposit payments actually depend on your region and your choosable payment methods. Here are the fees for the most popular deposit methods: Bank Transfer – FREE, VISA / MasterCard – 0 to 5% (depending on region), Yandex – FREE, BITCOIN – 2%.

  • Bank Withdrawal Fee

The withdrawing funds’ fees through SEPA(The Single Euro Payments Area) bank transfers is 2 – 2.5%. Withdrawals to Bitcoin – 2%, Yandex – 2.5%.

  • Money transfer fee

P2P-transfers between MuchBetter users are completely free.

  • ATM Transfer

0.99 percent for currency conversions between USD/EUR/GBP.

  • Cash

The minimum amount of cash is 10 USD/EURO/GBP and the fee is 4.00%.

On the other hand, there’s some condition about MuchBetter account’s limits. One thing is if your account is unverified, then the limits will be usually low for your account. However, you can increase the limit of your account by verifying your account. Moreover, the limits also vary depending on the method you choose for your account. But, the minimum you can deposit is 10 USD / EUR / GBP.

When you try to withdraw your money from the MuchBetter account, the least limit also depends on the method you used. However, there’s basically very little possibility it will be under 10 USD / EUR / GBP. The correct limits for your account heavily depend on the region or country you live in. As a result, we are recommending you to check your personal limits in your account in the app to be sure.

MuchBetter Security

When it comes to the security measurements, MuchBetter is a few steps ahead than its rivals in this sector. MuchBetter is fully determined to protect your account and account’s sensitive information. This is the reason they have instigated various methods of the security system. MuchBetter account is protected with device pairing, touch ID, dynamic security codes, and a transaction review system. Therefore, it’s literally impossible for hackers or fraudsters to make any fraudulent jobs. Here are the in-detail on the security management by MuchBetter.

  • In order to log-in, you have to give a 4-digit password you’ve given during registration. Without it, you won’t be able to enter the account.
  • If you want to enter into your account from another device, you have to pass through a verification code sent to your number.
  • Touch ID – You can enable access to the application with a fingerprint and use this method instead of an access code.
  • Dynamic Security Codes – There will be a masked number code you can use in the card.
MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter Security


You can collect the MuchBetter debit card. If you want to go on a more stylish path, then you can purchase MuchBetter ultra-stylish wearable devices such as MuchBetter watch. You can pay anywhere you see the sign. The wearable gadgets of MuchBetter fully supported by MasterCard. But, it is only allowable for European Customers.

MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter Devices


MuchBetter always tries to give rewards to its customers. They usually send exciting cash gaming offers straight to the reward section of your app. It is helpful for you to get free cash. As a result, you can play with your favorite gaming sites. When you use the “Refer-a-friend” scheme (you both gonna earn $5 and if you keep invitations, cash will rolling in into your account), MuchBetter will reward you greatly.

MuchBetter Review 2020

Money Transfer

MuchBetter always encourages to transfer money with close ones. You can easily transfer money with your friends and family. There’s no problem in it and MuchBetter’s Peer 2 Peer platform is fully free to use and transfer money on an instant basis.

MuchBetter Review 2020
You can easily transfer money through MuchBetter app

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

MuchBetter users have an array of options to choose any perfect platform for deposit and withdrawal options. They just need to check out which options are suitable for their region.

Here are the few deposit options –

  • Astropay
  • SEPA
  • Blik
  • Giropay
  • Oxxo
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • SafetyPay
  • Yandex
  • Argoncard

Here are the few withdrawal options –

  • SEPA
  • Yandex
  • Interact

Mobile App

As we’ve previously mentioned the MuchBetter account is an app-based account. So, this is the main tool for them. For this reason, they made this app with the highest level of quality. The interface is easy to understand and much congenital.

If you use MuchBetter, you can literally complete all the tasks with your mobile phone. Funding, depositing, withdraw, opening the account, verification process, etc. almost all kinds of works can be done with the MuchBetter app.

When making transfers, you can also choose to perform these on your computer screen by scanning a Bar Code shown in the app.

Moreover, you can download this app from Google’s Play store or IOS’s App Store.

MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter mobile app is available in Android and IOS and very intuitive

Customer Service

The customer service of MuchBetter is totally astounding and it is very fast as well as responsive. The MuchBetter customer service team always provides the queries and solvency to the customers within 1-hour responsive time. Moreover, they respond to the queries in your mail account. Send your problems through the MuchBetter app and you’ll get the email within 1-hour.

Partnership With West Ham United

MuchBetter is the proud sponsor of the English Premier League (EPL)’s famous and traditional football club West Ham United. As West Ham United’s official Online and Digital Payment Wallet Partner, MuchBetter is committed to supplying them with unique rewards, various offers, and special in-stadium experiences.

West Ham fans can sign up for the MuchBetter payments app for free within minutes to get access to in-stadium rewards on match days, unique competitions, and other special offers store for them by MuchBetter.

MuchBetter Review 2020
EPL team WestHam United has a partnership with MuchBetter


MuchBetter has received many accolades in its short span of time in the e-wallet industry. No wonder, they totally deserve it for their extremely good service, innovative ideas, and secure money transferring system. They’ve already received SBC Awards 2019, Emerging Payment Awards 2019, MPE Awards 2019, B2B Awards 2018, etc since their journey in 2016.

MuchBetter Review 2020
MuchBetter managed to earn several accolades since its inauguration

Pros and Cons

Just like every other e-wallet, MuchBetter also has several pros and cons.


  • The fees are extremely low on both deposits and withdrawal procedures
  • Mobile App is very intuitive
  • The whole process is very safe and secured
  • There are multiple offers for users.
  • Users can use it in most parts of the world.
  • You can fund your account with various options given by MuchBetter


  • Mastercard is only available for the European Countries
  • No VIP facility available
  • MuchBetter provides services all over the world except for a few countries. Here are the lists of countries where you can’t use MuchBetter -USA, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Myanmar, North Korea, Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela.

MuchBetter is a very promising and reliable e-wallet in the world. Users can use it without too much thinking. This e-wallet is proven and exists to make simplify its users’ daily works and schedule. So, how’s your experience with our review on MuchBetter? Feel free if you have further questions and share your opinion in the comment section. StakeBD is wishing good luck to you if you choose MuchBetter for money transfer. Have a safe and secure journey with this e-wallet payment app!