PureVPN is a commercial Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, provider. Hong-Kong-based company GZ system limited founded Purevpn in 2007. It is one of the oldest and largest VPN providers on the market. Today in this article we are going to give you a complete PureVPN review from Bangladesh | 2020 – April.

PureVPN review from Bangladesh | 2020

It is important to remember that currently in Bangladesh, Financial services like Neteller are unavailable due to a ban on this by the Government. If you want to continue using financial services, you MUST need to use a Paid VPN. This is because of the financial service providers check that if you are logged into the same IP or not and also whether you are using Bangladesh server. If they find an anomaly, they will block your account. That is why we always suggest that you use a Paid VPN like PureVPN. They let you have the freedom to chose their Bangladesh server.

Purevpn has server in Bangladesh
Pure VPN has thousands of servers across the globe.

Free VPNs don’t provide this opportunity to its users. PureVPN has 2000+ servers in more than 140 countries which include Bangladesh as well.

We have divided this article into three parts. These are:

Purevpn Services

Purevpn services:

First of all, Purevpn only offers paid services. You have to buy them before using them. They provide service across all the major platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, etc. Moreover, they allow users to select from five categories: Stream, Internet Freedom, Security/Privacy, File Sharing, and Dedicated IP.

Purevpn currently offers these five modes.

Each category has a different configuration. Internet Freedom, for example, lets customers select which countries server they want to use.

Type for your desired country in the search bar
You can use a Bangladeshi server if you want to.

PureVPN provides desktop clients for LinuxmacOS, and Microsoft Windows and mobile clients for Android and iOS. Moreover, it can be run at the same time on five devices which is very convenient if we think about practicality.

Furthermore, it allocated 200 servers for peer-to-peer filesharing and BitTorrent usage but does not provide any servers for accessing the Tor network.

download page
You can download Puevpn in all the major OS

It has a ‘virtual router’ feature to Windows devices, which means we can empower a Windows desktop or laptop with ‘router’-like features to connect up to 10 different devices. We can even set PureVPN up to work with routers, smart TVs, browsers like Chrome and Firefox and streaming services (like Roku, Amazon Fire, and Chromecast).

Purevpn can be used as a virtual router.

They also have a ‘split-tunneling’ feature which means that you can choose how and where we’d like to send traffic – through our VPN or internet service provider. So your data can be split as needed.

split tunneling
split tunneling is a very advanced feature.

Now let’s take you through the Pros of Purevpn.

Pros of PureVPN

Pros of PureVPN:

The first good thing about Purevpn is its a good value for money. It is costlier though if you sign up for a short period of time but get affordable if you choose their longer plans. Currently, you can get pure VPN as cheap as 1.99 dollars per month if you buy their 1-year plan which is way cheaper than its other competitors. That means you only need to pay about 170 Bangladeshi takas per month.

purevpn price
Purevpn offers great value for money.

There is a 31-day money-back guarantee for the regular commercial plans, which is more generous than many. It’s now advertised as “No hassles, no risk.” money-back guarantee. So if you’re unhappy, just send an email and ask for a refund.

money back
They provide money-back guarantee with easy refunds.

Purchasing PureVPN is very easy, as the company supports just about every payment format there is. For example credit card, PayPal, Neteller, cryptocurrencies, AliPay, assorted gift cards, and more than 150 other payment methods via the Paymentwall platform.

buying purevpn
you can buy Purevpn without any hassle.

PureVPN comes in the form of 256-bit encryption, which is one of the most secure connections possible used by government agencies around the world. Your encrypted tunnel gets “sealed shut” so that third-party sites, ISPs, and nefarious, shadowy organizations can’t see what you’re up to. In addition, your privacy and anonymity are completely safe by their ‘end-to-end’ connection. This includes when you switch from one IP to another (or another, or another) across PureVPN’s 80,000+ options.

256 bit encription
Purevpn gives you industry-leading 256-bit encryption.

You can do unlimited torrenting through any of Purevpn services. They do not have any restrictions regarding this.

unlimited torrentingenting.
With Purevpn, you don’t need to worry about torrent downloading.

Cons of PureVPN

Cons of Purevpn:

Not everything is good about PureVPN. There are some things that you need to consider before buying any of their services.

Firstly, speed can be an issue with PureVPN sometimes. Many of its users claimed that they do not get their desired speed while the use of Purevpn. Their company headquarters server is ironically the slowest among all their servers.

slow internet
Sometimes their services can become painfully slow.

When you are in the market for a VPN, you are typically there for ‘security’. Unfortunately for PureVPN, their service simply isn’t always up to the task of anonymizing your internet experience. PureVPN markets its product as a “Zero Logs” VPN.  It is funny though that they say they don’t record your logs but they do keep a record of your connection and bandwidth.

Purevpn records your connection and bandwidth.

The worst thing about PureVPN is its customer services. The majority of users are not satisfied with customer services. They have some of the most poorly trained agents in the entire industry. However, in our use of it In Bangladesh, we haven’t faced any problem so that we needed to call them.

customer service
Purevpn doesn’t provide good customer service.

PureVPN offers an admittedly affordable service with a wide server selection. It comes with a pile of strong features, which is worth considering at the price range. We have been using PureVPN here in Bangladesh and haven’t found any problem at all. However, we can’t say for sure that you will not face any problem at all. Nevertheless, we would like to say that PureVPN is a good VPN software. You may give it a try.