Runs at Fall of the 1st Wicket” indicates the number of runs will be scored by a team at the fall of the first wicket of 1st innings in a Test match. Here are the Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket | Test Cricket Betting Guide 2020.

Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket | Test Cricket Betting Guide 2020

Explanation in words

When you want to bet on “Runs at Fall of the First Wicket” of a T20/ODI match, the online betting company will offer you Over and Under options of a fractional run (like – 27.5 runs).

Besides, Why .5? Generally the bets like Over/Under will include “.5“. So the confusing thing is how do teams score the .5 runs? Actually, it is not confusing. Not at all. It makes this type of bet easier because it skips the possibility of a draw.

After choosing the option you like, you have to give your stakes. If your option matches the result of the match, then you will win the bet in a Test match.

On the other hand, if your option doesn’t match, then you will lose the stakes.

For example, a Test match is about to happen between India and West Indies. Suppose, you made a bet of 100 dollars that the first wicket will fall over 27.5 runs. In the end, it seems the first wicket falls on 29 runs in this Test match. So, it matches your options. As a result, you win the bet and claim the stakes!

On the other hand, if you choose the option of over 27.5 runs, then you could lose the stakes.

Moreover, in order to better understand the “Runs at Fall of the First Wicket”, term then, please check out the examples below.

Guide to win - Runs at Fall of the First Wicket

Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket – Guide for Test Cricket Betting

India vs South Africa 1st Test


South Africa

Most of the time the odds here are like this,

Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket

Over 27.5 2.0 (odd) Under 27.5 1.80 (odd)

Guide to Stake for Winning the “Runs at Fall of 1st Wicket” in Test Cricket Betting:

If you Stake $100 on  Over 27.5 – 2.0 (odd)

Result:  29 runs were scored in the 1st Wicket.

You will Win $200 (2.0×100=200) 

Your profit will be $100 ( $200 – $100 )

We gave the examples with Decimal Odds. To understand the other odds like American Odds, Fractional Odds, Hongkong Odds, Malaysia ODDs, Indonesian odds

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