IPL is a very unpredictable competition. Things can change in this tournament rapidly. Nobody can’t ensure what’s gonna happen next. Truth to be told, such virtue gives this competition a sheer attractiveness. Each year, any franchise can end up becoming a champion in IPL. For instance, only one team managed to defend the title so far in 12 seasons. So, it’s easy to guess that predicting a champion in IPL is almost an impossible task. However, we studied some traits from the past years and tried to figure out the traits that help a team to become IPL champion. Let’s take a look –

The Traits That Help a Team To Become IPL Champion

As we previously told that it’s totally an impossible task to predict who will be the champion in IPL. But, we studied various trends of past years to examine which team could be the champion in IPL. Here, we are discussing some important guidelines and elements that could help to figure out which team could lift the trophy this year.

Does big-spending lead to big success?

Well, spending is totally anonymous with IPL. IPL is the richest domestic tournament in cricket. The auction in IPL draws attention like the tournament itself. Fans always keep their eyes upon their favorite teams during the auction. But, one thing is certain. The “most expensive” tag never justifies the quality of a team as the most expensive squad never won an IPL tournament. But, that doesn’t mean franchisees have to stop spending. The reason is only Rajasthan Royals, who put the least valuable squad in 2008 and became the champion. The defending champion, Mumbai Indians, assembled the most valuable squad for this year. If we have taken the spending attribute, then the defending champion will be immediately ruled out. MI already assembled a squad that values more than 11m. No other team spent as much as of them, ever. Moreover, it also indicates we can put a line through the Delhi Capitals, who remains the only current IPL team to have never reached a final. The capital franchise spent over 9m that putting them at the bottom of the list.

The Traits That Help a Team To Become IPL Champion
Mumbai Indians assembled the most expensive squad in 2020

Which players you should purchase?

It’s clear that spending big doesn’t mean you can bring success. Spending on the right players can only bring an overall success. One attribute has emerged from past competitions. The attribute is the most expensive player for 11 of the 12 previous champions was from India. The only difference was the Deccan Chargers. They’ve paid their overseas player Andrew Symonds more than Indian star but still bragged the trophy. Such parameter rules out teams such as KKR, Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad. KKR paid $2m for Aussie pacer Pat Cummins. Cummins is now the most expensive overseas player in IPL history. On the other hand, Rajasthan’s most expensive player – Ben Stokes’ price tag is $1.8m. Furthermore, the youngest franchise Sunrisers Hyderbad brought Aussie opener, David Warner, for $1.7m.

The Traits That Help a Team To Become IPL Champion
Cummins becomes the most expensive overseas player in IPL

The magnitude of international capped numbers in the squad

The previous editions of IPL clearly showed that the well-balanced squad can change things and brings proper success. The proper international players alongside home-grown talents can bring out the best of the squad to enjoy the ultimate success. 11 of the previous 12 champions have had at least 15 players who were capped at the international level. The only difference was the Rajasthan Royals in 2008. Then, things have changed drastically. If we count on this criterion, then Kings XI Punjab will be ruled out. They’ve only 13 international capped players in their squad. KKR and Royals also have the same number.

The Traits That Help a Team To Become IPL Champion
Royals is the only team with the least international capped players who won an IPL title

Youth or Experience?

In order to win IPL, teams need to build their squad with proper balance. Too much experience or too much youth, both are harmful. For instance, no team has yet win IPL with over 30 years of age squad and only Royals triumphed in 2008 with a squad below 25 years of age. In this parameter, we can effectively rule out Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Capitals. Chennai has the squad that consists of players more than 30 years of age while Delhi has the squad that consists of players less than 25 years of age.

So, who fits the profile after this discussion

After the discussion, we can see that only Royal Challengers Bangalore only fits properly with such a profile. They have a very well-balanced squad in every angle. Yes, they never won a trophy and failed to win the trophy after reaching the final three times. Moreover, RCB was the bottom team in the previous competition. But, things could change this year. As Virat Kohli is determined to win this trophy and the squad has proper players, RCB can steal the limelight with a surprise.

In addition, It’s not possible to set out an IPL champion easily. Things can change suddenly in a money-tournament like IPL. It’s too hard to predict. After the discussion, we can’t actually set out a conclusion. It’s all about possibility. But, RCB has a serious quality squad with the winning attributes. Let’s see who will be the winner at the end as IPL always store big surprise.