“Total Match 6’s is a 2-way Betting on Virtual Cricket Betting. Also, it’s an Over/Under betting market. Here you need to bet on the “total” number of 6’s of the match is going to be scored by both teams. Here, we will discuss Total Match 6’s | Virtual Cricket Betting Guide 2020. Let’s begin the discussion.

Total Match 6’s | Virtual Cricket Betting Guide 2020

Explanation in words

“Total Match 6’s” means that how many 6’s both teams will score in a virtual cricket match. As virtual cricket is a short time cricket, sixes are usually a common thing in this simulation-based cricket. As a result, bettors also have a special eye on this betting term.

Furthermore, Total Match 6’s is a two-way type of betting. When you want to make a bet on “Total Match 6’s”, the online betting company will grant you two over and under options of fractional 5 in virtual cricket betting. For example, they can grant you options like – .5.

On the other hand, questions can be raised why .5 will be given? Or, how the teams can score .5 sixes? Ok, there’s no need to get confused. The reason behind .5 is it actually makes the bet easier as this fraction number generally skips the possibility of a draw.

Now, you have to choose a particular option from an array of options given by the bookmaker. After choosing a certain option, you have to pay your stake. If your option matches the end result of the virtual match, then you will be regarded as the winner, can claim the stake, and take the profit.

For example, suppose a virtual cricket match is about to happen between two eternal rivals – Pakistan vs India. You’ve made a bet of 100 dollars that the total match 6’s will be under 1.5.

At the end of the match, it seems your option matches the final result and you win the bet. As a result, you have the right to claim the money too, and take the profit.

Guide to win - Total Match 6's on Virtual Cricket Betting

Total Match 6’s – Virtual Cricket Betting Guide

India vs Pakistan



Most of the time the odds here are like this,

Total Match 6’s

Over 1.5 2.37 (odd) Under 1.5 1.57 (odd)

Guide to Stake for Winning the “Total Match 6’s” in Virtual Cricket Betting:

If you Stake $100 on Over 1.5 – 2.37 (odd)

Result: Total match 6’s is 2 (or more)

You will Win $237 (2.37 ×100=237 )

Your profit will be $137 ( $237 – $100 )

If you Stake $100 on Under 1.5 – 1.57 (odd)

Result: Total match 6’s is 1 (or 0)

You will Win $157 (1.57 ×100=157 )

Your profit will be $57 ( $157 – $100 )

We gave the examples with Decimal Odds. To understand the other odds like American Odds, Fractional Odds, Hongkong Odds, Malaysia ODDs, Indonesian odds

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