The 1xbet is a Russian online money booking industry. This platform is only available in the online. Therefore, 1xbet has no license in many countries. As a result, players in such countries can only access to 1xbet through the alternative links. There’s basically no other way to access in 1xbet. Although these links are totally different, they always lead to the same site. Moreover, they will offer 1xbet casino and 1xbet poker access. Here we ( will discuss the 1Xbet Alternative Links | 2020.

What is the 1xbet Alternative Link?

1xbet alternative links are a set of URLs. Moreover, accessing 1xbet through alternative links is similar to the regular way of accessing a website where you type the website URL in the address bar. These URLs will surely help you to reach the 1xbet website from any area where 1xbet is banned or restricted. This is the reason many users complain regarding the issue that they can’t access the site. The main reason is that this is not possible to access the site directly. Therefore, you need alternative links to evade geo-blocking.

On the other hand, these alternative links are fully surveilled by the 1xbet. Moreover, 1xbet alternative links aren’t monitored by any country and users can log in to the 1xbet site from any places in the globe.

List of Working 1xbet Alternative Links

There are multiple 1xbet alternative links are available. But, there’s a problem as every link is not going to work. So, you should choose the authentic link to use the 1xbet site. For instance, 1xbet has absolutely no physical appearances like casinos or anything, the only way to play games in here online. So, most of the countries banned it. There’s a very little chance you can access here by the original site. Therefore, you need the lists of updated alternative links.

<strong>1xbet Alternative Links</strong>

How Do These 1xbet Alternative Links work?

The main site of 1xbet is totally feasible. But, users of most of the territories can’t access to play games or watching events from 1xbet website. In order to remove this problem, 1xbet has provided alternative links. If you click the alternative links from the browser you use, the link will take you to the 1xbet’s main site. The users who are interested to use and play games through 1xbet can reach the 1xbet site through the alternative links. This is the way 1xbet alternative links work.

Video About 1xbet Alternative Links:


The Reasons Players Look For 1Xbet Alternative Links

We’ve already discussed that there’s no chance of using the 1Xbet site without alternative links in most of the regions. But, this site offers an array of sports events, betting offers, cashback, winning fees, and other offers. In a word, it is a place for multiple offerings. So, there are lots of people who want to join here and taste the offers and get the benefits. Therefore, they have to use alternative links to reach the 1Xbet site and enjoy its services despite the ban and limitations of use 1Xbet. Moreover, young people can also place a bet and enjoy the benefits through 1Xbet alternative links. So, players are always looking for 1xBet alternative links in order to reach the site.

1Xbet Alternative Links Work when Its Elements Are Blocked

It’s no secret that betting sites are always under heavy restrictions from everywhere. Moreover, traditional Internet Service Providers(ISPs) maintain various rules and guidelines in order to block the contents and elements of the betting sites. 1Xbet is no different at all. It is also under heavy restriction and ISPs ban its elements. The watchdog of ISPs are always keeping a special tab to betting, adultery and violent type sites in order to keep the internet safe from any kind of negative influence.

On the other hand, mobile operator companies always put strict eyes on betting sites. If somehow the government finds out about it, they will have to pay a heavy price for this. This is the reason mobile operators never allow betting sites and block their elements on mobile platforms.

Furthermore, local devices are totally restricted to use the betting sites and those devices will face blocks if users try to reach out betting sites by using the local devices like laptop, desktop, tab, etc. Network Security Management (NSM) also installs the necessary tools and updates to bar users from reaching the betting sites. Moreover, NSM always monitors and updates its tools to watch the situation and make sure that no betting sites won’t reach the restricted place.

There is software on your computer which follows the blocking policy and bar you from reaching the sites.

Therefore, 1Xbet build alternative links in order to prevent such problems and give the chances to its users to enjoy the fun of betting sites.

1Xbet Alternative Links vs VPN is accessible in many countries around the world without a connection problem. However, there are countries like Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran, China, Indonesia, etc. that uses censorship. In such cases, many users use VPN software to connect the 1Xbet site if somehow alternative links are not working.

However, 1Xbet doesn’t want its users to use a VPN. There are several reasons behind it. For instance, if a user visits Singapore from Russia and wants to play or withdraw money. But, it’s not possible for the user to reach the 1Xbet site. The user will be failed consistently to reach the site for sure.

So, how the user can be able to do it? May be, the user can use a VPN. But, while using VPN software, the 1Xbet site will detect the IP out of Russia and brand the user as a fraud. After that, 1Xbet can deactivate the account of the user.

But, you will never face such problems if you use the alternative links we’ve provided to you above. You shouldn’t worry that you can’t reach the 1Xbet site if you change the place. We are assuring you that you can reach the 1Xbet site from any parts of the world by using those links.

How To Use 1Xbet Alternative Links in Mobile Devices

If you want to bypass the block in mobile, tablet or phablet devices and want to use alternative links in those devices, all you need to do is follow the same steps you have to do in desktop or laptop devices. At first, open your device browser. It would be best if you use Apple’s Safari or Google’s mobile device browser. Then, you should visit our website ( and check the article. After that, you need to click the alternative links and by clicking the links, you can visit 1Xbet mobile website.

You will get the benefits of the 1Xbet site by visiting these links. Moreover, 1Xbet alternative links are safe and reliable on mobile, then yes, because again, it just shows you the original site.

Is It Good To Use 1Xbet Site Through VPN?

1Xbet always strongly recommends not to use VPN services. There are obvious reasons behind this. For instance, you are a user of 1Xbet from Russia. You visit Singapore for a reason. Then, you want to visit and play the 1Xbet site to play games, win and withdraw some money. But, there’s a big chance you can endure a problem to reach in the 1Xbet site as it could continually fail to reach the site. Then, you are running out of your patience and set to use VPN links and use the 1Xbet site through a VPN instead of using alternative links.

What will happen after that? 1Xbet site will brand you as a deceitful person who accesses the site to make fraudulent works. Don’t give them a reason to suspend or limit your account. That’s why 1Xbet always recommends not using VPN. So, try to use the alternative links we’ve provided above. The alternative links are completely safe and secured and you can surely use 1Xbet services through these links. There is nothing to worry about.

1Xbet KYC (Know Your Customer)

The online betting industry has grown to an extraordinary level in recent years. Players of every age, culture, ethnic around the world want to try their luck in online betting sites. Given that the use of betting is growing continuously, some betting sites willing to do testimony. In order to prevent underage people and swindlers into the betting site, online bookmakers will ask you to complete the KYC (verification) process.

Here are the steps of KYC –

Step – 1 

At first, customers need to provide their government-issued docs because 1Xbet only accepts government legitimate infos. In such cases, you can use either a photo or a scanned copy of a document. Then, you need to prove your address. You will be asked to send a photo or scanned copy, of a document issued during the last three months. After that, if everything matches, 1Xbet will send a verification through the mail.

Step – 2 

In this step, you need to provide your bank account, credit card or e-wallet services. It will be best if you supply this kind of info only to legitimate bookmakers that are regulated under a well-respected country. Then, you need to logout and login again. After completing the process, you’ll be eligible to use the 1Xbet website and its services.

It is a pretty long process. You need to keep patience for 24 hours to get verification. On the other hand, it will be best if you do this KYC process in working days. But, you don’t need to use KYC if you don’t use a VPN. You can easily log in to the 1Xbet site if you click the link we’ve given you above.

In Case 1Xbet Alternative Links Don’t Work

Sometimes, 1Xbet alternative links can’t be work. In case, if 1Xbet alternative links don’t work, there are two ways to reach there. Here is it –

  1. Google Translate,
  2. IP Address

1. Google Translate

This is the easiest way to enter into the alternative links in case 1Xbet alternative links don’t work. The process is very easy. Firstly, you need to go to the Google search bar by going this link –

When the page appears, type “” on the bar of Google Translate. After that, press the enter button and see a link in the search area.

1xbet through google translation part 1 Then, you will be redirected to the original 1xbet website like this-

1xbet through google translation part 2

IP Address:

This is another way to enter in 1Xbet site if 1Xbet alternative links don’t work. The IP address of 1Xbet is At first, you need to go to your browser and go to “Incognito/Private Mode”. After that, type and press enter. You’ll be redirected to the 1Xbet website.

1xbet by IP address

Is It Safe To Use 1Xbet Alternative Links?

When a customer is using a 1Xbet alternative link of a bookmaker, the customer is using the same copy of the bookmaker’s main site. Actually, you are entering the same sports betting service. Moreover, all of the services, live streaming and game-betting will be available to 1Xbet alternative link just like its official web address. Therefore, you can be sure that there is no problem or security risk in entering the 1Xbet alternative link. After all, you’ll transact your hard-earned money and 1Xbet is fully aware of it. They put the same security in alternative links they put on their original website.

However, you have the chance to check out by yourself. You should visit your account through the alternative link. Then, check out your balance from this link. If you see there’s no problem from your account and your balance is ok, then there’s no problem at all.

1Xbet alternative has proven to be reliable and its service quality is also astounding. This is the fastest growing online bookmaker and the use of its alternative links is getting increases day by day. However, 1Xbet is ban in most of the regions and there’s no way to reach the site without the help of alternative links. As the number of players is getting increases, 1Xbet give them the options to reach their site if the users face restriction to use it. Hence, users of restricted countries can easily access the alternative links we ( have provided above.

In addition, if You face any critical situation about 1xbet please feel free to ask in the comment section below.