Bangladesh leaves the World Cup with back to back defeat, both from their neighboring country India and Pakistan. They started their journey with a “big bang” by defeating mighty Proteas and making every supporter of the team dreaming about going to the upper stage. However, they failed to carry out the winning attitude and started to lose every now and then. They have played 8 matches altogether and won in only 3 of them.

Bangladesh leaves the World Cup with back to back defeat

Yesterday’s match was Endgame for both of the teams. They knew clearly that none of them is going to make it to the semifinals. Frustration was however clearly visible through the fielding performance of Bangladesh team. They were slow and lazy. Most of the bowlers did not bowl so well except Mustafizur Rahman, who alone took the liability of the whole team and picked up five wickets.

Mustafizur Rahman
Mustafizur Rahman took 5 wickets against both India and Pakistan

It was his consecutive five wickets. In the match against India, he also showed the same kind of magic. Shakib and Mashrafe both tried a lot but failed to manage a single wicket or guard the runs considerably. Saifuddin seemed to forget how to deliver yorkers. But when it seemed that he got his memory back, he started to dismiss the Pakistani batsmen quite quickly.

When the tigers came to bat on a target of 316, it looked not so mountainous for them. They scored 300+ runs quite a few times lately. But the openers of the Bangladesh team could not live up to the simple expectations. Tamim and Soumya together scored only 30 runs. It was really shameful for Tamim to not be able to play a single good inning in this world cup. Shakib al Hasan, however, played well with his bat as expected. He scored 64 runs in 77 balls.

Shakib al Hasan
Shakib al Hasan has scored 606 runs in this World Cup.

Yesterday he also made a magnificent record of half-centuries. He is now alongside the great Sachin Tendulkar to score seven 50‘s in a world cup and score over a thousand runs. After Shakib’s fall, Liton and Mahmudullah tried to hold on to the pitch but couldn’t stay for long. All the Bangladeshi players got dismissed within 44.1 overs. Pakistan won the match by 94 runs.

Though it is the end of Bangladesh’s world cup journey but Its not the end of their cricket. The team has not lost their spirit and promised they will play better next time.