The Board of Control for Cricket in India(BCCI) is finally heading towards to get a stable set of officials. Out of 37 state associations, 26 have compiles at full content with the supreme court approved the new constitution. In this consequence, they are ready to hod their much-awaited election.

BCCI on the way to hold elections

Vinod Rai
Vinod Rai

Vinod Rai-the chairmen of the supreme court-appointed committee of administrators(CoA) said that four more associations are in the process of setting up their elections. He added, 26 state associations have appointed electoral officers. So they are looking at 30 fully compliant bodies. However, the other four state units haven’t appointed their electoral officers yet. Vinod will be going to consult with the amicus so that 26 states can have their elections.

The CoA and the BCCI’s legal team also cleared the members of cricket advisory committee before the election to avoid any conflict. In addition to that, the cricket advisory committee will carry out the process of appointing the next head coach for senior men’s team.

CoA has set 22nd October as the date to hold the BCCI elections. From the result of the election, a new general body will form. Only those who are compliant will be allowed to vote in BCCI elections. So we are hoping that the election will be fair and bring positive changes in Indian Cricket.