It’s no secret that in the world of digitalization, everything’s now under the hood of the digital system. Sports betting is no different. Moreover, betting is more fun when it comes to the option of live streaming. The time has past when you have to glue to the television set and wait for the bet for your favorite team or player by putting every other task at stake. Now, things have been so easier than in the past. You can make a bet just sitting in your chair, finish the tasks at hand during enjoying the live matches on your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablets. With so many betting sites are now streaming live the top-level sports matches, you have the opportunity to bet on almost anything from any place you like. As cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the world, many of the betting sites also live stream cricket matches. Nowadays, betting sites stream top-notch cricket tournaments like IPL, CPL, World Cup, etc. tournaments. In this article, we will try to explore the best cricket live streaming betting sites or bookmakers 2020. Let’s get into the discussion.

Long gone are those days when you have to watch TV or go to the pub or shop to watch matches so that you could watch live matches. Things have been changed significantly in recent times. Now, it’s a digital world. The wind of digitalization blowing everywhere. Besides, the same thing can be said for betting. While most of the sites are offering this live stream service, the majority of them are charging high fees for that. On the other hand, if you want to enrich your betting performance, we are recommending you to watch the live match while being able to place the In-Play bets. The reason is In-Play bets is basically a virtual bliss!

Which Betting Sites Have Live Streams?

There is an array of cricket live streaming betting sites around the world like Ladbroke, Bet365, Unibet, William Hill, Coral, Betfred, Racebets, etc. Here is the list of best live streaming betting sites(2020) as per their services –

  • 1xbet
  • Betway
  • Betfair
  • 888Sports
  • 10Cric
  • Dafabet
  • Unibet
Best LIVE Streaming Betting Sites and Their Benefits

Best LIVE Streaming Betting Sites and Their Benefits

Cricket Streaming Betting Sites Benefits
  • 1xbet always shows the ball to ball updates.
  • The stats of cricket and output
  • 1xbet is regulated and licensed by CGA
  • Legal in more than 50 countries around the world
  • 1xbet offers a plethora amount of cricket markets as well as betting variants.
  • Betway is such a perfectionist when it comes to the matter of live streaming services
  • Betway’s In-Play section is such an excellent section among the live betting section
  • Offers a wide betting variants
  • Regulated and licensed by UKGC and the MGA.
  • Live betting is available
  • Legal in nearly 50 countries around the world
  • Regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission
  • Lots of streaming are available in Betfair.
  • There is an in-detail stat section are available in 888Sports
  • 888Sports provide the ball to ball update
  • They offer betting variants.
  • Licensed by UKGC and GOG.
  • 100 percent bonus on first deposit up to 10,000
  • Regulated by the GOC
  • 150 percent bonus on first deposit up to 15,000
  • 11,000 cashback offers for the VIP customers
  • Licensed by PG.
  • A great statistic section
  • Licensed and regulated by UKGC and GGC.

Advantages of the Cricket Live Streaming Betting Sites

Live streaming is one of the latest things in the betting industry. As a result, there are various advantages attach to it. You will surely get a plethora of convenience through the cricket live streaming. Among them, the most important benefit is In-Play or Live betting. In-Play betting means you can watch and making a bet at the same time. Besides, you don’t need to shuffle between apps or screens during the In-Play betting. This could be helpful for you to keep your full focus on the betting markets you’re interested in.

Consequently, when you watch a live cricket match, you’ll thoroughly understand the overall heat and atmosphere of the match. You can clearly guess about which course the game is moving. Therefore, you will have a good knowledge of the overall character of the cricket match and you can surely bet according to your perception. It could make things easy for you.

The punter operators we’ve already mentioned above will only demand a healthier account balance for live streaming service in a cricket match. But, things aren’t the same everywhere. Hotstar, the live-streaming service which is owned by Walt Disney India, will prescribe you to purchase a subscription in order to give you the live streaming service. So, as you see, this is such a great advantage of the cricket live streaming betting sites.

Best Cricket Live Streaming Betting Sites or Bookmakers 2020
You have to pay subscription pay in Hotstar

How to use the Live Stream feature with 1xbet?

It’s not a too hard task to watch live streaming cricket matches in 1xbet. You don’t need to pay any extra charges or subscription fees to watch live matches in 1xbet. Moreover, you don’t even need to bet in the previous 24 hours or on the match they want to watch, unlike other online bookmakers. All you need to have an account on the 1xbet website. This is enough to watch live streaming matches in the 1xbet online betting site.

So, as you understand that you don’t need to pay extra charges or subscription fees to watch live stream matches in 1xbet. But, you need to have a positive balance in your 1xbet account. For the new users, we are telling in shortcut how to open an account in 1xbet. At first, go to the 1xbet site. Then, go to the home page of the site and click “new account”. To become a member of 1xbet, you have to supply some of your personal information to them. But, it’s for your own security. After register and supplying the info, click “confirm” and log in to their account.

Furthermore, new gamers must deposit some amount of money for the activation of 1xbet live telecasting. They can use various types of payment methods (for example – Neteller, Skrill, etc.) for this. A minimum deposit is a must to activate the 1xbet telecasting, otherwise, you can’t enjoy the live streaming service.

How to use the Live Stream feature with Betway?

The live streaming feature in 1xbet and Betway is pretty much the same. There’s basically no difference at all. Just like the Betway, you don’t need to pay subscription fees or charges here. Additionally, you don’t even need to bet in the previous 24 hours or on the match they want to watch. All you need to have a better balance in your Betway account. Now, we are telling the new users the system of enjoying live streaming feature in their Betway account.

At first, log in to Then, supply some of your personal info by clicking register in your Betway account. After providing those details, click “confirm” and log in to their account. Usually, you have to deposit a minimum amount of money in Betway for this. Otherwise, Betway live telecasting service won’t be activated.

System Requirements for Cricket Live Streaming

If you want to watch cricket live streaming, then you need to understand some measurements and systems. If you want to watch smoothly the live streaming match in your device, then please download and install the latest version of adobe flash player. On the other hand, you can also enable the HTML5 enabled browser. Nowadays, most of the betting sites like to prefer HTML5 enabled browser.

Hence, you can also enjoy the live streaming service through the app of your preferable betting site. Just download the app and live stream without any added requirement. However, you need to have a very good internet service like 3G or 4G broadband-connected service for that.

When Can You Start Watching The Cricket Live Video Stream?

Every cricket matches live streaming begins just 2 minutes before the start of the match. The media file will begin soon when you click on the cricket match. However, it could take time to start if your internet speed is generally slow. One thing you need to keep in mind that you cannot watch the game from another device. The reason is such matches used to view by Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. This actually means that a video streaming feed is licensed to a device. The matches are only applicable to the device you placed. Even the links of these matches won’t work in email, chat or any other options.

Furthermore, you might not use these features if your country has any streaming type of restrictions on online bookmakers. You might not be able to use this feature if you have a Firewall (security hardware/software) or any other related security software running on your device. The reason is it can make an effect on the betting site.

Difference Between bet on Live Streaming and Regular Sports Streaming

There’s some difference between a bet on live streaming and regular sports streaming. In live streaming, you can understand the course of the game much better than regular sports streaming. Therefore, making a bet could be much easier for you. The most significant thing is you will get the opportunity of “In-Play” Betting in live streaming which is impossible in regular sports streaming. In regular sports streaming, there are many ads or other promotional activities. But, you can enjoy the real atmosphere of the game in live streaming.

Best Cricket Live Streaming Betting Sites or Bookmakers 2020
There are many advantages of live streaming


What are the best live streaming cricket betting sites?

There are many good live streaming betting sites. You can go to sites like 1xbet, Betway, Bet365, 10Cric, etc.

What are the best live streaming cricket sites?


Is live streaming better than regular sports streaming?

Yes, of course.

Do I need to pay extra charges for live streaming in online bookmakers?

No, you don’t. You just need an account and some positive balance in your account.

Can I watch live streaming cricket matches with average internet?

No, you need a fast speed internet connection to enjoy live streaming matches.

When do the live streaming matches start?

2 minutes before the scheduled time.


Live cricket streaming comes with various advantages. All you need to do a bit of a smarter job to enjoy and get the full convenience of the live cricket streaming. Besides, our recommendation is that you should do the job properly and must learn in-play betting thoroughly. There are various good betting sites like 1xbet, Betway, 888Sports, 10Cric, etc. who are providing a very good live streaming along with in-play betting. Do the research and learn in a fresh manner. In the end, always try to bet with utter responsibility and don’t become too much passional about this area. Otherwise, it could be harmful to you and your life.