One of the front row online betting companies, Betway is very popular in betters world. There are hardly any bettors who haven’t know the Betway. But there is some regional accessibility issue to use the Betway website using the official link. But as a leading online betting company, they are very concerned about the difficulties of their customers. Hence, the betting company generates some alternative links so that the customers all over the world can access the Betway website. Here we ( will discuss the Betway alternative links in 2020.

What are the Betway Alternative Links?

Betway alternative links are a set of URLs. On top of that, Betway provides these URLs. Moreover, the URLs help you to reach their website from any geographical blockage area. The main reason is that this is not possible to access the site directly using the official link. Therefore, we need alternative links to avoid geo-blocking.

On the other hand, the alternative links maintained by the Betway company itself. These alternative links aren’t monitored by any country and it helps to use the Betway site from any restricted places in the world.

List of Working Betway Alternative Links

There are different Betway alternative links that are accessible. Yet, there’s an issue as each link won’t work always. In this way, we ought to pick the genuine connect to utilize the Betway site.

For example, Betway has definitely no physical appearances like casinos or sports betting club, the best way to mess around in here on the web. In this way, the majority of the nations prohibited it. There’s a next to no possibility you can access here by the official site. Along these lines, you need the arrangements of refreshed alternative links.

<strong>Betway Alternative Links</strong>

The full updated list of Betway alternative links in 2020


Betway Alternative Links

Alternative Link
Alternative Link
Alternative Link


The above Betway alternative links we’ve provided helps you to reach the site. Furthermore, the response time of some alternative links is very fast. Due to the buffer range, some alternative links might work slowly. But, don’t lose hope as they will eventually work indeed!

The Reasons Players Look For Betway Alternative Links

We’ve already discussed that there’s no chance of using the Betway site without alternative links in most of the regions. But, this site offers an array of sports events, betting offers, cashback, winning fees, and other offers. In a word, it is a place for multiple offerings. So, there are lots of people who want to join here and taste the offers and get the benefits. Therefore, they have to use alternative links to reach the Betway site and enjoy its services despite the ban and limitations of use the Betway. Moreover, young people can also place a bet and enjoy the benefits through Betway alternative links. So, players are always looking for Betway alternative links in order to reach the site.

How Do These Betway Alternative Links work?

The official Betway website is totally ok for providing their services. But, customers of most of the regional area cannot access to use the Betway services like live casino, gambling, sports betting, affiliates, etc. In order to remove this problem, Betway has provided alternative links. If you click the alternative links from the browser you use, the link will take you to the Betway main site. The users who are interested to use and play games through Betway can reach the Betway site through the alternative links. This is the way Betway alternative links work.

Betway Alternative links work when the Betway content blocking occurs:

Betting sites like Betway is under heavy restriction from the traditional Internet Service Providers (ISP). ISPs have taken very strong steps about adultery, violent type sites and betting sites in order to keep up the internet safe and secure. ISPs regulation channel closely monitors these betting sites. The watchdog of ISPs follows some effective systems and regulations to block the contents of Betway.

Moreover, mobile communication companies have also taken significant actions to block the contents of Betway.

On the other hand, local networks like devices, desktop, laptop, etc from the home and corporate networks will face the block of betting sites. Network Security Management installs the necessary tools and software for blocking the content of Betway and they always check out and update the tools in order to monitor the situation.

The software may be installed on your personal computer that enforces the Betway blocking policy. This Technique is common for both home and corporate networks.

For these reasons, you need to avoid this blockage and that’s why you need alternative links to reach the Betway website

How To Use Betway Alternative Links in Mobile Devices

If you want to bypass the block in mobile, tablet or phablet devices and want to use alternative links in those devices, all you need to do is follow the same steps you have to do in desktop or laptop devices. At first, open your device browser. It would be best if you use Apple’s Safari or Google’s mobile device browser. Then, you should visit our website ( and check the article. After that, you need to click the alternative links and by clicking the links, you can visit Betway mobile website.

You will get the benefits of the Betway site by visiting these links. Moreover, Betway alternative links are safe and reliable on mobile, then yes, because again, it just shows you the original site.

Betway Alternative Links vs VPN is accessible in many countries around the world without a connection problem. However, there are countries like Turkey, the Czech Republic, Iran, China, Indonesia, etc. that uses censorship. In such cases, many users use VPN software to connect the Betway site if somehow alternative links are not working.

However, Betway doesn’t want its users to use a VPN. There are several reasons behind it. For instance, if a user visits Singapore from Russia and wants to play or withdraw money. But, it’s not possible for the user to reach the Betway site. The user will be failed consistently to reach the site for sure.

So, how the user can be able to do it? Maybe, the user can use a VPN. But, while using VPN software, the Betway site will detect the IP out of Russia and brand the user as a fraud. After that, Betway can deactivate the account of the user.

But, you will never face such problems if you use the alternative links we’ve provided to you above. You shouldn’t worry that you can’t reach the Betway site if you change the place. We are assuring you that you can reach the Betway site from any parts of the world by using those links.

Is It Good To Use Betway Site Through VPN?

Betway always strongly recommends not to use VPN services. There are obvious reasons behind this. For instance, you are a user of Betway from Russia. You visit Singapore for a reason. Then, you want to visit and play the Betway site to play games, win and withdraw some money. But, there’s a big chance you can endure a problem to reach in the Betway site as it could continually fail to reach the site. Then, you are running out of your patience and set to use VPN links and use the Betway site through a VPN instead of using alternative links.

What will happen after that? Betway site will brand you as a deceitful person who accesses the site to make fraudulent works. Don’t give them a reason to suspend or limit your account. That’s why Betway always recommends not using VPN. So, try to use the alternative links we’ve provided above. The alternative links are completely safe and secured and you can surely use Betway services through these links. There is nothing to worry about.

Betway KYC (Know Your Customer)

Betway is very much strict about ensuring the security of its customers. That’s why they instigated the KYC system and customer identification to ensure the customer’s security.

There are two easy steps for that –

Step- 1 

Customers need to provide their ID (NID, Passport or Driving License) to Betway in order for the identification and verification. Then, they have to provide the location too. After that, if everything matches, Betway will send the customer verification through the mail. Then, the customer needs to login back and steps into step 2.

Step – 2

In this step, customers need to supply their supporting documents like a utility bill, bank statements, etc. things to the user. After that, Betway will send the customer again a verification mail. Then, you need to logout again and login back. After completing the process, you’ll be eligible to use the Betway website and its services.

However, using KYC is a very time-consuming matter at all. You’ll need an extended time to complete that. Moreover, you need to fill up KYC if you use a VPN to access in Betway site. But, you can easily avoid this problem if you use alternative links we’ve given above.

What if the Betway Alternative links don’t work?

Sometimes, Betway alternative links can’t be work. In case, if Betway alternative links don’t work, there are two ways to reach there. Here is it –

  1. Google Translate,
  2. IP Address

1. Google Translate

This is the easiest way to enter into the alternative links in case Betway alternative links don’t work. The process is very easy. Firstly, you need to go to the Google search bar by going this link –

When the page appears, type “” on the bar of Google Translate. After that, press the enter button and see a link in the search area.

Betway Alternative Links: betway by Google Translate

Betway Alternative Links: betway by Google Translate done

IP Address:

IP Address is another way to go to the Betway site apart from Google Translate. The IP Address of Betway is

First, you need to go to your browser and go into Incognito/Private mode. Then, you need to type”

in the incognito mode search bar. Now, press enter.

Betway Alternative Links: betway by IP Address

These are the alternative way of Betway alternative links, you will be redirected to the original Betway website.

Is It Safe To Use Betway Alternative Links?

When a customer is using a Betway alternative link of a bookmaker, the customer is using the same copy of the bookmaker’s main site. Actually, you are entering the same sports betting service. Moreover, all of the services, live streaming and game-betting will be available to Betway alternative link just like its official web address. Therefore, you can be sure that there is no problem or security risk in entering the Betway alternative link. After all, you’ll transact your hard-earned money and Betway is fully aware of it. They put the same security in alternative links they put on their original website.


you have the chance to check out by yourself. You should visit your account through the alternative link. Then, check out your balance from this link. If you see there’s no problem from your account and your balance is ok, then there’s no problem at all.

This is clearly visible that the censorship of bookmakers is increasing by the years. Moreover, millions of players are already playing Betway and the number is getting increased day by day. But, the restriction is forcing them to stay away from such sites. Perhaps, this is the reason why most bookmakers want to use alternative links. The reason is to give users from other countries the same opportunities and taste of playing and betting. Betway offers uncountable numbers of alternative links in order to satisfy their clients and customers. Betway has no desire to prevent them from playing due to the ISPs’ restrictions. Therefore, they found a way, master it, taking full advantage of it, and now players from restricted countries now have a full opportunity to register and access the services of Betway.

In addition, if You face any critical situation about Betway please feel free to ask in the comment section below.