Bangladesh’s dream of reaching it to the world cup semi-finals is over now. Their narrow defeat to India has shattered expectations of hundreds of millions of Bangladeshi fans. The whole nation has come to a standstill, still recovering from the trauma they just had. Now it’s their time to come back and prove themselves one last time. Bangladesh team is now in a position that they can take any teams anytime they want and give them a tough battle. Google says the winning probability of Bangladesh is relatively low in this match. In this transition, Can Shakib and Mustafiz bring one last victory to Bangladesh?

Can Shakib and Mustafiz bring one last victory to Bangladesh?

Shakib al Hasan

shakib al hasan

Shakib al Hasan-the worlds best all-rounder has been playing his best cricket in this world cup. He already got lots of record by his name by playing so. He has played extraordinarily regardless of the situation. From his performance, we can easily expect him to play well against Pakistani players. As Shakib is master in bowling, it helps him two way. One, he knows how to distract batsmen and pick up the wicket while bowling. Two, he knows how to hit the balls when he faces them as a batsman. This two-way benefit has made him the great player hi is today. However, if he can pick up some quick wickets at the beginning of the match, Pakistan will become hopeless soon.

Mustafizur Rahman

mustafizur rahman

Cutter master Mustafizur Rahman, on the other hand, is a great asset of Bangladesh team. On his last match against India, he picked up 5 important wickets. Yes, five wickets of India team who are renowned for their strong batting line up. Mustafiz is hopefully going to pick a couple of wickets for sure. If he and Shakib can bind Pakistan within 250 runs somehow, the game will be in favor of Bangladesh then.

So we wish all the best to team Bangladesh for their next match. Though they have lost against India, they have not lost their spirit. They will “shine bright like a diamond” in the next match.