Yesterday in the MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai, Mumbai Indians won by 46 runs against Chennai Super Kings. CSK forgets to win if Mahendra Singh Dhoni is not there. so it’s a
Chennai’s shameful situation without Dhoni.

Chennai’s shameful situation without Dhoni.

Rohit’s team scored 155 runs in 4 wickets in the first innings. In order to meet the target of 156, Chennai Super Kings had to face a lot of obstacles. Chennai lost all the four wickets in 17 overs to leave the field. They could only score 109 runs. Apart from Mahendra Singh Dhoni, this was the whole team’s position.

Mumbai got out to bat first and had become nazehal this time to make big runs. Apart from that, Evelyn Luv scored 32 and Hardik Pandia scored 23 runs. Mitchell Sander picked up two wickets for Chennai

In reply to Chennai’s batting, the batsmen have to eat nakani-chobani for the Mumbai bowlers. Only Murali Vijay scored 38 runs in 35 balls. Without Murali, Bravo scored 20 runs and Mitchell Sander scored 22 runs. Chennai starts getting wickets at the speed of the storm Chennai lost all wickets in 17 overs, Malinga was the best bowler for Mumbai this year, with Malinga taking four for 3 off 4 balls and taking 4 wickets for only 37 runs.

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