Chepauk Super Gillies and VB Kanchi Veerans will meet NPR College Ground, Dindigul on Friday. This will be the 19th match of Tamil Nadu Premier League 2019. Both teams are fighting for the title and this match will be a fiery match for sure. This match will be a big chance to go ahead in the title race. Here, we are going to discuss the star players from both teams who have the capability to make a big difference in the crunch game.

Chepauk Super Gillies vs VB Kanchi Veerans Dream 11 Match Prediction: CSG vs VKV, TNPL 2019

VB Kanchi Veerans and Chepauk Super Gillies are sitting on 2nd and 3rd place respectively. They both acquired 6 points so far, but VB Kanchi Veerans is ahead of their rival due to run-rate difference. Both teams finished 7th and 8th position in last year’s edition, but they really turn around from the nightmare of that campaign.

Chepauk Super Gillies


The 31-year-old Chennai based batsman is the main pillar of Chepauk’s batting lineup. Gopinath already scored 178 runs in 4 games and become the highest scorer for the team. It’s easy to guess that Chepauk Super Gillies will be looking for him against this tough opponent. If he can build a good score on the opening, Chepauk Super Gillies will get a huge advantage over the rival.

Gopinath is playing superb in his final years
Gopinath is playing superb in his final years

R Alexander

The young paceman is bowling with proper line and length. If he continues his good run, he will get the call from Indian NT soon. R Alexander already takes 8 wickets in 4 games. Although he was wicketless in last 2 matches, Chepauk Super Gillies supporters are hopeful that he will show his charisma in the game vs Kanchi Veerans.

R Alexandar can possess a threat to Veerans
R Alexandar can possess a threat to Veerans

VB Kanchi Veerans

Baba Aparajith 

The team captain is leading his team like a true leader. Kanchi Veerans finished their last campaign by finishing 7th and this year they totally turn around. Much of the praise belongs to this man. Baba Aparajith already scored 168 runs in 4 matches and conducting his players wisely. He will be the main man vs Chepauk Super Gillies.

Baba Aparajith is leading his team with great leadership skills
Baba Aparajith is leading his team with great leadership skills

Rajagopal Sathish

The veteran all-rounder is showing his perfectionism at 38 years of old. He is one of the best first-class cricketers of India. The 38-year-old all-rounder still proving this. He is one of the best bowlers in this tournament. Rajagopal Sathish‘s consistency made him a very dependable player. He could be the best player of the tournament if he plays like this stature.

It’s such surprising how both teams finished 7th and 8th in the last season and turn around from the ash. They really take inspiration from the failure and now they’re fighting for the title. This game will be a lit one as the win can give both of them an extra edge on the title race.