Rohit Sharma tried his best and scored five centuries in the ICC World Cup 2019. However, India failed to get a proper outcome from his innings as they endured World Cup heartbreak by the hands of New Zealand. Rohit was playing extremely good in the tournament. He was only having an off day against the Black Caps and India also suffered from it as they waved goodbye to the World Cup.

CWC19: Rohit Sharma’s dream has been broken and all of his hard works failed as India suffers another setback from the World Cup

Let’s rewind the calendar in 1999. Rohit Sharma was a little boy back then. His childhood coach asked him to work closely on his batting. He answered positively and paid his attention to his batting. It worked as he became the best batsman of Bombay cricket circle.

In 2013, Mumbai Indians cricket management wanted him to wear the captaincy armband. He answered positively and won the trophy that year. The same year before Champions Trophy, MS Dhoni asked him to open the match. He answered positively and started opening. After that, he has scored 25 centuries in total and become one of the best batsmen of recent times.

He stays positive at every stage of his life. He never complains, never demands. From the childhood coach to the Indian captain, he always answered their demand positively and got the result.

Rohit has been a great talent from his childhood. From a great talent to become one of the best batsmen of modern times, his journey is quite impressive. He also becomes a great captain by captaining Mumbai Indians.

Rohit sharma nearly breakdown the game vs NZ at WC2019 semi-final
Rohit Sharma nearly breakdown the game vs NZ at WC2019 semi-final

Rohit has been pragmatic since the beginning of his career. Whenever he feels he can do better, he had done without a second thought. He is always motivated to do better.

Rohit is a born winner, a fighter. He fights for what he deserves. His dream was to win the 2019 World Cup in England. The smashing opener of India was going smoothly towards his dream. Sadly, luck didn’t favor him this time. He is now 32, he will be 36 by the next World Cup. Can he do it at the last moment of his career like all-time great Sachin Tendulkar? Only time will tell that.

During the game vs New Zealand, he was near breakdown from the dressing room. He couldn’t believe what’s happening. Rohit acted like a child and showed stocky emotion. But, time is running and he can’t sit with his emotions for good.

Rohit is a pragmatist since long. His journey isn’t easy. he had failed before so he knows it clearly the pain of failure and how to win it. Those burdens made him a strong soldier. But, for now, he has to live with the burden and try to come back with much stronger.