Many Australian players did not get the clearance to play in the Indian Premier League 2019. The Australian Cricket Board originally did the job. Because before the World Cup 2019, they did not want to have any injury to the player. The South Africa Cricket Board has to suffer due to not doing so. Whether Dale Steyn can participate in the World Cup is the main question.

Dale Steyn is in danger of not playing in the World Cup.

This year in the Indian Premier League, Dale Steyn is playing with Royal Challengers Bangalore. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Journey has not been very good since the beginning. Meanwhile, Stein was not involved with any team at the beginning. Dale Steyn is included in Royal Challengers Bangalore as a replacement for Nathan Coulter-Nile injury.

Steyn himself was subsequently injured. Now he is refrained from playing the IPL after getting his shoulder pain. And the accident has questioned the probability of the near future. Dale Steyn is in danger of not playing in the World Cup.

Linda Jndy, convenor of the selectors said-

South Africa’s board has started searching for Steyn’s replacement. Dale Steyn’s situation is a matter of concern. Since his injury in Australia, he has had a different focus. Gave him support. The way the ball was bowled after returning from the injury was very optimistic. Now we are waiting for the doctor’s opinion. I know he has met with the expert in this and we will decide accordingly.

Meanwhile, South Africa Cricket Board is not following the findings of Dale Steyn.

Linda Judy is not a risk to the team’s interest. Judy also said-

We have the option, but when all of the groups are assembled, the decision will be made. We have “Plan B”. They have been kept in (Stane’s possible options). We have communicated with them and they are aware of the next plan. We are keeping track of what they are doing, what they are doing. All of them will be informed during the announcement of the squad.

Stein took a big role in winning against the Kolkata Knight Riders and the Chennai Super Kings match in Bangalore. But he was not fit in the match against Dhoni. 

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