Once again, a fake Romeo-Juliet is showed their face to the among football star. Yes, we are talking about the couple, Maradona-Oliva.

Diego Maradona Wanted to Be a Murderer!

Maradona-Oliva broke up last month. For the poor relationship status, Rocio Oliva kicked out Maradona from home which was gifted by him.

In event of the contract signing for the coach with a Mexican club Dorados, Diego Maradona said about the relation. And the caption of this article was the debut of his angriness. He wanted to separate his girlfriend, Oliva’s head from her body.
No!!! He’s not that kind of man. It was in his mind that time only. But he mentioned more…

Olive is spending his money on her the holiday. His gifted house to Olive and her family, he is going to bring those back. He said-

I’m not the Santa Claus that going to ask everyone – WHAT YOU NEED!!?

Six years relationship is now only the past that is officially announced by Diego Maradona.