Afghan team almost defeated India in their encounter with them. However, the wise captainship of Virat Kohli and good sportsmanship of his fellow teammates saved them that time. It was really an interesting game to watch as a weak team like Afghanistan can manage to corner a mighty team like India. So normally when it comes to face India’s arch enemy Pakistan, similar curiosity comes in our mind. Do star players of Afghanistan have the ability to scare Pakistan?

Do star players of Afghanistan have the ability to scare Pakistan?

As per this world cup is going on we see that not all the stars of Afghanistan are playing up to their mark. Till now Rashid Khan has been a huge disappointment. Same goes to them openers who haven’t been able to put up a high score for their opponent to chase afterward. Nonetheless, we are guessing two of them are going to scare the high soaring Pakistani team.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman:

Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Despite poor IPL returns, Mujeeb is playing with confidence in the World Cup.

Mujeeb Ur Rahman drew first blood for Afghanistan, as he dismissed the Indian opener, Rohit Sharma. The spinner tricked the Indian batsman into leaving his stumps unguarded, which resulted in the bails being dislodged. Rohit was very surprised by the ball as he didn’t expect it to come that way. Truly he is an awesome bowler relatively unknown to most of the batsmen. He has only played 35¬†ODIs and picked up 56 wickets. Against unstoppable India, he managed to pick 3 wickets conceding just 26 runs in his 10 overs which is really amazing. We expect him
to pick three more against Pakistan as well.

Gulbadin Naib:

Gulbadin Naib
Will Gulbadin Naib be able to drown Pakistan with them?

Though his dream to drown Bangladesh with them remained unfulfilled in the last match, Gulbadin Naib did play relatively well in his position. He also is very confident about his team. He said, given the right conditions, Afghanistan’s spin attack can trouble any batting line-up in the world. We surely saw the proof of it in their match against India. However, bowling is not enough to make his team win. though he tries hard, he didn’t manage to score high for his team. He will be trying to turn on the table and prove his critics wrong this time.

The Match between Pakistan and Afghanistan will be starting on Saturday at 3.30 PM on Headingley Stadium. We here at Stakebd will be telecasting the match live through our page. To see the match click here.