Does Virat Kohli‘s attitude go with “Gentleman’s Game?” This question has been asked over a thousand time during Koli’s career. We all agree that he is a very respected and talented cricketer who has given a lot to his country. However, we have to bear in mind that with respect comes responsibility. Virat’s attitude towards the opponent team member and umpires had given birth a lot of stories that should not go arbitrate.

Does Virat Kohli’s attitude go with “Gentleman’s Game?”

During the 12th over of the match against Bangladesh, there was an LBW appeal from the India team. Umpire denied at first. Then Virat Kohli asked for a review. The third umpire gave it in opposition to them. That made Kohli really upset. He couldn’t even accept the umpire’s decision. He involved in a verbal argument with the umpires. It did not go unnoticed to the camera.

Virat Kohli
Virat became furious when the decision of the third umpire came as “not out.”

This kind of scenario is not new about Virat Kohli. He has done it a lot of time previously. We don’t know why he forgets it’s a gentlemen’s game and every player should respect the umpire’s decision. We hope good behavior from a star player like him. He is a kind of player that represents the cricket game. We will be very dishearted if he does this kind of disgraceful thing again. Because this will pass a bad message to the next generation.