Just before the match, Australian coach Justin Langer said England is going to be really hard to beat. From this comment, you can easily understand how tough and pressure resistant team has England become. You have to agree that England had set a benchmark in ODI from their recent performances. Therefore today we are going to tell you about England star players who may nullify Australia’s final dream.

England star players who may nullify Australia’s final dream

Liam Plunkett

Plunkett believes that the current England team is a different type of team than its predecessor. They now can take on any tough team anytime they want. In the past, though he never expected that he will be able to take part in the final rounds in the world cup. But from his recent sensation bowling performance against Australia in the group stage match, we can’t blame him if he thinks so. It is going to be Plunketts biggest match wearing the English jersey and he sure will put out his maximum effort during the match.

Jason Roy

Jason Roy, the sensational opener of England team who has scored a century and a half in the match against Bangladesh says he is confident before tomorrows match. He said he is mentally and physically exactly where he wanted to be. So its a pretty assuring thing to hear from this opener. He has recovered fully from his past injuries and clearly managed his way out of doubts about fitness. He is a powerful weapon that England is going to use when they bat. We hope that he is going to play better tomorrow.

Google says that England has a better chance to win over Australia tomorrow. The team is fit and confident about their form. So we hope they will show a performance that will take them to the next level.