Eoin can’t believe they got over the line in the CWC19 final match. Yesterday’s match between the two nations was really a unique event in cricket history. This high voltage match went beyond the limited over and created an anticipation nobody in this game has ever experienced. When come to talk at the press conference England captain Eion Morgan confessed about it in a jolly mind.

Eoin can’t believe they got over the line: CWC19 Final

Sports sometimes has really fine margins. It was the finest margin possible and it could have gone either way. And it was the most incredible game of cricket with nothing between the sides. Eion also acknowledges these. For him, it was really an extraordinary day.

Eion is grateful that his team has come out victorious of this game. He thanked all his teammates and praised their talent and performance in the game. They handled the pressurizing atmosphere and emotion on their mind like a sensible sportsperson and this was one of the vital keys for their winning.

In Eoins opinion, Ben Stokes and Jofra Archer handled last moment pressure really well. Though they become a bit nervous, they did not break. That’s what it makes a player stand out from others.

We thank this great captain of England who brought his country Cricket World Cup Trophy for the first time. His name will be written in gold letters in history.