The World Cup final is just 24 hours away and the fans are having sleepless nights before it. Never have we ever thought we would see New Zealand and England battle in the final match this session. Nonetheless, it is the reality and we are very thrilled to accept it. However, before the match begins, we are going to give you our final team condition and performance analysis of England and New Zealand: ICC CWC19 FINAL Nz Vs ENG

Final team condition and performance analysis of England and New Zealand: ICC CWC19 FINAL Nz Vs ENG

At first, let’s give you a complete overview of both of the teams.

New Zealand
Position: Second(6 wins 3 lose)

New Zealand Team


Unquestionably New Zealand is the most desired team in this world cup. The Kiwis entered the World Cup creating havoc in the fort of their opponent. One after another they beat their opponents with amazing performance.  However, their glory did not last too long. They lose to all big opponents of theirs one after another. Luckily they had a better run rate than Pakistan, otherwise, they will not be able to qualify for the semi-finals.

But they seem to have regained their lost form. In their last match, they have shocked a billion souls by defeating group champion India.


The great pacer of their team Lockie Ferguson had an injury and miss their match against England. Hopefully, he is not going to miss it again. The rest of the teammates seems quite good in shape.

Their concern:

As it’s their back to back chance to win the world cup, they will try hard and soul to get the taste of victory this time.  The team will depend a lot on their captain tomorrow. We hope he will give them a better direction. If somehow they can build a strong opening partnership, they sure can give a mammoth target to their opponent. They really need to look forward into this.

Position: First(7 wins 3 lose)

England Team


Nobody thought England would be on this position today. Why would they when England never played a final n the past 27 years. So its huge performance improvements for the English team. Though they have been criticized a lot before the tournaments, the critics are now wishing them luck for tomorrows game. They have won the last three battles of theirs. So you can be definite about their strong form. And for New Zealand, they had an incredible history in the last encounter.


The news is better here for English fans. They do not have any major injury concern before the match.

Their concern:

England does not need to get concerned about their opponent but the other way around. Yes, they should be more careful about themselves before the match so that they do not make any mistakes in the play. They are getting enough support from their critics and people, so these are not any concern now.

To conclude, it can be said that hopefully by now you have gotten a better overview of these two teams. To get to know more about the cricket world cup, stay with us.