What a turn of luck! After being a part of Tiger’s U-19 World Cup-winning campaign, end his life with sheer disappointment! Mohammad Sajib, the former U-19 cricketer of Bangladesh, found dead in his home district at Rajshahi’s Amgachi village. He was found dead inside of his room around 11.45 AM on November 14. The 23-year old young batsman was found hanging from a rope tied to the ceiling inside his room. The Durgapur Police Station confirmed this news. The young guy was the part of Tigers Under-19 World Cup, captained by Saif Hassan. He was included in New Zealand as a standby cricketer but failed to enlist his name in the playing XI. Hence, he has also failed to enlist his name in the upcoming Bangabandhu T20 Cup. All these negative incidents prompted his untimely death by suicide.

Former Bangladesh Under-19 Cricketer Mohammad Sajib Found Dead In Rajshahi

Additionally, in 2018, he managed to make List A debut for Shinepukur. However, he didn’t play a single competitive match after 2018. Although he went to the  Under-19 World Cup, he failed to play a single match. Then, he wasn’t included in the upcoming Bangabandhu T20 Cup. He was suffering from mental trauma and depression after that.

His death was a suicide.

The OC of Durgapur Thana, Hashmat Ali Confirmed after primary investigation.

According to him –

Sajib was locked in his room after finding that his name wasn’t included in the draft. His father called him at 10.00 PM for dinner. But, he told that he won’t dine. At 10:00 am in the morning today his father found Sajib was not responding despite repeated calls from outside. Later, Sajib’s father managed to notice through a hole that his son was hanging from a rope and called the police.

Hashmat Ali insisted.

Bangladesh Cricket Board’s (BCB) game development manager Abu Enam Mohammad feel saddened by this painful incident. He thinks the exclusion of him from the Bangabandhu T20 Cup ultimately resulted in his suicide.

Sajib was part of our U-19’s 2018 batch with Saif and Afif (Hossain). He was a standby in the World Cup. He played against Sri Lanka as well as in the Asia Cup. It’s really sad to hear this.

He told to Bdcrictime.

Furthermore, he also told that Sajib isn’t playing cricket on a regular basis.

It’s true that he’s not playing cricket on a regular basis. He becomes too much Rajshahi-centric in the past few years. Sajib only played the first division and Dhaka Premier League at Dhaka. He wasn’t even in the draft of the Bangabandhu T20 Cup.

Former Bangladesh Under-19 Cricketer Mohammad Sajib Found Dead In Rajshahi
Khaled Mahmud feel saddened by Sajibs untimely death

Former Bangladesh captain and BCB director Khaled Mahmud also saddened by this tragic event.

Sajib was a very talented cricket. He was the opening batsman of Shinepukur. It’s such a tragedy to see a talented cricketer end his life at such a young age.

In addition,

after such a tragic incident, many former cricketers and cricket-related people urging BCB to take necessary steps to support the mental health of the cricketers. In many countries, providing mental support is a part of the game. But, there are no steps in BCB for that. Perhaps, this incident clearly shows how much it’s important for young cricketers to take mental health support to reduce their depression and increase confidence.