Mahendra Singh Dhoni will retire immediately after the World Cup! India’s chief selector MSK Prasad said that about Dhoni. When talking about Mahendra Singh Dhoni, everyone says in a statement that he needs to be in the team. Everyone said Dhoni’s experience. There is no doubt that Dhoni is part of the Indian team in the 2019 World Cup. But the question remains,

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is going to take his retirement after this ICC World Cup 2019. MSK Prasad, the coach of the Indian cricket team said about MS Dhoni. Everyone give their statement that Indian cricket team needs MD Dhoni when this type of talking spread around. There is no suspicion that Dhoni is going to play in the World Cup.

How long will Dhoni play?

Dhoni never expose anything about his future scheme. But unexpectedly, in 2014, the wicketkeeper-batsman declared his retirement from Test cricket without any knowledge. Everyone was shocked, but that was the mood of Dhoni. Same way he left captaincy just before the one-day series versus England cricket team on home ground at the beginning of 2017. It was a astonishment to all supporters of India. When will he retire, India’s chief selector, MSK Prasad, has talked about it. Prasad has said that he will not say anything to Dhoni about this matter before the World Cup. He also said,

We have not talked about him with his retirement. It is not good to talk about this before a big tournament like the World Cup.

Dhoni is in the World Cup, Prasad’s comments are positive,

Being the IPL before the World Cup will be the advantage for Dhoni. He will be able to make himself by playing big matches in the IPL. It will be good for his batting. I think Dhoni will benefit from the game he plays. I am satisfied with his batting during Australia and New Zealand tour.

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