If you have the quality to become a voter, you can apply for NID. So today we are showing you How to get NID in Bangladesh? According to Article 122 of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh and Section 7 of the Electoral Rolls Act 2009, a citizen should have some qualifications to be registered as a voter.

The qualifications are:

  • Citizen of Bangladesh.
  • Must be eighteen years old.
  • Cannot be an unsound mind.
  • Have a permanent residence of an electoral zone.

Now let’s Jump into the procedure

How to get NID in Bangladesh?

There are two simple steps to get NID in Bangladesh.

  1. Data Collection Process,
  2. Data Entry,
  3. Proofreading,
  4. Draft Voter List,
  5. Final List and
  6. NID Distribution.
Data Collection Process:

Step#1; Data Collection Process:

300-400 voters are attributed to collect the Data. then theses Data are incorporated into formal Registration Forms by the data collector.

Their procedures are –

  • They will come to your resident for the household visit,
  • Then they will collect the complete Data for the registration form,
  • Give a slip to the new voter.

With the slip, a voter will go to the registration centers when a date will be announced for the photography and data entry.

Data Entry:

Step#2; Data Entry:

On the announced date, new voters have to attend the registration centers. A local Government representative will verify and correct (if need) the voter with the registration form that voter already filled up in step 1. Then the voter needs to approach the data entry operator.   

The procedure with the data entry operator is –

  • Take photo,
  • Take fingerprints and signature.
  • Upload the data of the voter into a laptop/computer/server.

In the case of sick, disabled and aged voters, a special arrangement is made at home by the teams of data entry of the field registration center for this data entry. Then the team returns to the Server Stations that situated in your Upazila. After reaching the Server Stations, the team will upload the data to the server.


Step#3; Proofreading:

Once the data collection & data entry is closed, proofreading is done by –  

  • Bio-metric matching to trace,
  • Terminate the multi-registrations by an individual voter from a different region.  
Draft Voter List:

Step#4; Draft Voter List:

After the proofreading is done, the draft voter list is made. Then print the draft list for voters to check their information. 

If voters have claims for addition/correction/deletions of errors, the correction will be made within fifteen days. Then the draft list will go for the final list.

Final List:

Step#5; Final List:

Having the updated voter database, the final list is printed.

NID Distribution:

Step#6; NID Distribution:

When the Identity Cards will be ready  according to the voter database of the final list, regional election centers are ready to distribute NID among the voters.
The procedure is-

  • Micing about the NID distribution Place & Date,
  • They will take the slip,
  • They will match the fingerprints and take the eyerish in the Biometric system,
  • The NID is given to the voter.    

If any qualified person is not enlisted in the final voter list, can apply through the form to be enlisted. The must be collected and submitted in the District Election Office.

If you face any problem, feel free to ask in the comment section below and stay with us.