ICC called off the first match of CWC19 semi-final for today. They did it as heavy rain hampered the knockout game between India and New Zealand. The players had to leave the field after 46.1 overs of gameplay. However, no need to worry though as the match will resume today at the point it was left yesterday.

ICC called off the first match of CWC19 semi-final for today

ICC semi-final match
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It is a pretty common scene in this year’s world cup as rain is disrupting the matches every now and then. Already four match of the group stage has been canceled due to the generous rain of England. It’s the fifth match that got affected yesterday. However ICC this time had all it figured out beforehand. They knew rain could upset the arrangements again so they planned a reserve day for each of the semi-final and the final match.

We are giving below the state of play fixture of this semi-final match, published by ESPN. Have a look below.

ESPN fixture
Image Source: ESpncricinfo

So we are going to see the Men in Blue and the Blackcaps play again today. We will be broadcasting it live through our channel. Catch the match live by clicking here.