The “glorious” rain-drenched world cup is coming to an end on Sunday. It has been an amazing journey for everyone related to this tournament. For ICC though, their first arrangement of semi-final got a lot of criticism lately. The game saw batsmen performing very poor. However, ICC does not want the blame for low scoring pitches.

ICC does not want the blame for low scoring pitches

Ground Staff preparing pitch
Ground Staff preparing a pitch

The Kiwis found it first on a slow, two-paced track after winning the toss. With a lot of struggle, they made 211 for 5 wickets in 46.1 overs before rain pushed the game towards the reserve day. India found it similarly difficult to score just like New Zealand and they fall 19 runs short for victory.

This has created an accusation towards ICC that they have given instruction to the local groundsman and prepared the slower pitch. But ICC governing body personnel told that basically the venues are responsible for the preparation of pitch. They have done it with the help of independent pitch consultant and guidance from ICC. They have also added,

The guidance we give any host of an ICC event is to prepare the best possible pitches for the conditions in that country – so, in this case, the best possible ODI pitch for typical English conditions and we would also look for even bounce and good carry. The ICC does not instruct groundsmen to prepare pitches in a certain way to advantage, or disadvantage, any team.

Former English batsman Mark Butcher heavily criticized the pitches saying that those were garbage. Jonny Bairstow asked why this year’s world cup pitches are so different than those they normally see in England.

We are smelling here something fishy as well. There seems to be something wrong whether ICC agrees or not. We hope that no scandal may come out from it.