ICC is going to penalize Zimbabwe in their annual conference for not following the principles of good governance. The conclave will start with the Chief Executives’ meeting where Zimbabwe’s membership is likely to come under the scanner due to increased government interference in the country’s cricket.

ICC is going to penalize Zimbabwe in their annual conference

ICC Headquarters
ICC Headquarters

Zimbabwe Cricket issued NoC to non-contracted players with regards to private T20 leagues which created the agenda at the first hand. Moreover, as per ICC’s constitution goes, all cricket boards are autonomous bodies with no interference allowed from any government agencies. However, recently a government of ZimbabweSRC(Sports and Recreation Commission) suspended Zimbabwe cricket for violating their constitution.

A senior board official told that Zimbabwe will probably receive sanctions and a list of criteria which they will definitely need to follow. Otherwise, they will be expelled. Before the expulsion, they will be given a chance to put their house in order.

There is a possibility that ICC can do like what they did with Nepal Cricket Board where the game was allowed to continue but financial sanctions may be imposed and they might not receive annual grants. However, that is for the ICC board to discuss. They may well say cricket can continue just like what they did to Nepal. The board will decide the criteria, obviously without any interference from the government. But it will be a bit hard to come onto the final decision though.