The group stage is coming to an end of ICC World Cup 2019. The spot for semifinals will soon to be finalized. The five-time champions Australia is the only team for now who booked their places for semi. India and New Zealand are the other two teams who have the most chance to get into semi-finals. Several teams battling out for the number four spots.

ICC World Cup 2019 Semifinal Prediction: Teams has the most chance to reach in the round-robin stage

Only a couple of days left to end of the group stage. Then, the semi-finals stage will begin. Reigning champions Australia already booked their place for semi-finals. Other hot-favorites like India, New Zealand are also waiting for the moment as the chances of them to reach in the semi is almost sure. Teams like England, Pakistan and Bangladesh are fighting for their place in the semi-finals. Host England is in a most comfortable position over two South Asian neighbors Pakistan and Bangladesh.

CWC19 teams possibility to reach semi-finals:

Teams Semi-Final Chance
Australia 100%
India 100%
New Zealand 100%
England 62.5%
Pakistan 25%
Bangladesh 12.5%

Probability of team in the 1st row, playing other teams in the first column in semi-finals:

BAN X 12.5% 0 0 0 0
AUS 100 X 0 25 50 87.5
IND 0 0 X 75 50 12.5
ENG 0 15.6 49.9 X 0 0
NZ 0 50 50 0 X 0
PAK 0 21.9 3.1 0 0 X

From the chart, it is clear that there could be a various scenario can happen in semi-finals. First, there’s a most possible scenario is that India could play host England or New Zealand in the semi-finals in case England qualifies for semi. That’s the biggest possibility so far that England will certainly face India if they qualify for the semi.

But, if Pakistan reaches out to semi in the place of England, they will surely face current trophy holder Australia in the semi-finals while India will play against New Zealand. There’s almost very less chance (1/8) that two South Asian neighbors will face in the semi-finals.

On the other hand, if Bangladesh qualifies, then this is certain that they have to face five-times champion Australia in the semi-finals while India will take on another Tasmanian giant New Zealand.

As group stage are coming to end, cricket fans are counting days which team will book the last berth of the semi-finals and which teams gonna face each other in the next stage. Fans of cricket should await for the most expected battles that will enlight the tournament.