Umpire is like ”Roman King” in cricket. This is the rule for decades. But, things change in recent times as players can appeal against Umpire’s decision. They can appeal to TV umpire if they feel any decision gone wrong. Sadly, things don’t change as TV umpires are also producing numerous wrong decisions in this campaign. The quality of umpires is facing a big question for these scandalous reasons.

ICC World Cup 2019: This World Cup hits by multiple wrong decisions from the Umpires

Umpires already passed the records of wrong decisions this time. The quality of them generally comes into the mind of every cricket fans. Yesterday, the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan is the biggest example of this. Pakistani batsman Haris Sohail got life due to umpire Nijel Jong’s mistake. Afghan keeper caught his shot but he directly refused to signal out.

Man of the Match of yesterday’s game Imad Wasim also got a life when he was in only 1 run. Rashid Khan‘s spin hits his pad but umpire Wilson refused in this time although every Afghan player shouted and replay showed it was clear out. Afghan players failed to change his decision because they didn’t have any review at this moment. Things are clearly getting heated as the day passed.

Indian cricket pundit Akash Chopra also expressed his opinion about it on his Twitter.

The standard of umpiring is getting uglier day by day

Akash Chopra lamented.

In Australia Vs West Indies match, umpire Chris Gaffney made some horrible mistakes. He gave out a signal to Chris Gayle for three times. Gayle got a life 2 times consecutively but failed to earn life in the third time. TV replay showed Mitchell Starc made a ”NO” ball but Gaffney failed to see that.

Kumar Dhormsena and Joel Wilson was the referee of Pakistan-South Africa match. Pakistan ended up their 14 overs by 7 balls! Two referees failed to recognize the over! Can you imagine how strange it is!

The debate goes on for Bangladesh Vs Afghanistan match also. Liton Das‘s catch out on Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s bowl created much controversy. TV Umpire Aleem Dar saw it multiple times on TV but failed to correct the error and ultimately signaled it as ”out”. Video replay showed the catch touched on the ground before it caught up on hands.

Rohit Sharma‘s out on Kemar Roach‘s delivery on India Vs West Indies match also created controversy. Carribean players appealed for inside edge and English umpire Richard postponed their appeal. Third umpire Michael Golf eventually declared it as ”out” and produced huge controversy around him.

The wrong decisions are going on and it’s getting uglier day by day. It’s time ICC should step up and make some proper decisions to correct these mistakes.