Current Prime Minister of Pakistan-Imran Khan said that he is going to fix Pakistan Cricket Team. He said this after Pakistan was kicked out of the world cup tournament from the group stage.

Imran Khan is going to fix Pakistan Cricket Team

Imran Khan
Imran Khan.

Sarfaraz Ahmed led Pakistan team failed to show a consistent performance into the world cup. They ended up with the fifth position with 11 points in their bag. Though they tied with the Kiwis who later became the runners up in the game, they lost the opportunity to play more due to their deficiency of Net Run rate.

For those who don’t know, Imran Khan was the captain when Pakistan won the ICC world cup in 1992. He had a long glorious career in cricket. However, he said that he went to England to learn to play cricket. When he returned from there, he raised the standard of other players. And after the world cup, he has decided that he is going to fix the Pakistan cricket team.

Imran also said that the team that he is going to create will be a professional team. He is going to fix the broken system and make a new one which will ensure that the best talents get to come forward.

There is a probability now that Pakistan could have separate coaches and Skippers for Test and ODI. However, a reliable source of Pakistan Cricket Board(PCB) said that the proposal will be presented in the upcoming board meeting regarding separate captain and coach.

Let us wait and see if Imran Khan can really accomplish what he said.