India broke a billion dreams yesterday at Edgbaston stadium. The dream of winning against England, the dream of remaining unbeaten in the world cup all got shattered. However, they need not worry at all as they already have got enough points to carry themselves up to the semi-finals. moreover, they have yet another two matches to play against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where their winning probability is very high.

India broke a billion dreams

Maybe their bad luck followed them from the beginning when they lose the loss. Or their bowlers did not manage to stop the English batsmen within 300. However, 338 target is usually achievable for India. Yet they failed to reach it. Luckily for England, they won by 31 runs.

For England, Jonny Bairstow scored an amazing 111 in 109 runs. He mainly built the foundation of England batting. His fellow teammates Ben Stokes and Jason Roy also scored 79 and 66 runs respectively. All along they really did a pretty good job at batting. Who knew then India will fall short to their dream?

Mohammed Shami

Mohammed Shami showed yet another mesmerizing bowling performance. He picked up 5 wickets and gave away 69 runs. From his first match in this tournament, he has been consistently picking up a lot of wickets.

Rohit Sharma

However, when India came to bat, KL Rahul became dismissed without scoring a single run. It was really unexpected from a batsman his margin. However, the veteran batsman Rohit Sharma was confident with his bat and did his job well. He easily scored a century. After his dismissal, his fellow batsman Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni tried really hard with their bat but failed to reach the target within the overs. They seemed very lazy last night, or should we say the orange kit did not favor them.

To conclude the story, we can say that both teams have played well but we expected more from India. They could have been victorious. Nonetheless, in this instance, Sri Lanka got officially kicked out of the tournament. So bad luck for them as well.