It’s no secret that Indian cricketers receive godly status in their country. The star players possess huge power and enjoy infinity level stardom. Indian national cricket team selectors often lack the courage to take any bold decisions against them. The grapevine gets more evident after MS Dhoni‘s retirement and the captaincy saga of Virat Kohli in recent times.

Indian cricket selectors lack guts to take bold decisions for the team

A long time ago, there were rumors about Sachin Tendulkar. Many international legends, as well as former Indian greats, were asking him to retire. But, BCCI failed to take any bold steps before the “Little Master” stopped his career by his own wish. Things were starting to speculate after that. Now, it is more clear than ever.

The recent saga surrounding MS Dhoni’s retirement and Virat Kohli’s captaincy increases the speculation. BCCI selectors try to portray them as impartial but in reality, they are too weak to take any brave decision. The whole story around MS Dhoni’s retirement issues makes it evident that they’re afraid to take strong and necessary judgement at the right moments. In fact, their inept attitude and helplessness to reach a final conclusion on the long-term plan for the wicket-keeping slot that resulted in MS Dhoni’s retirement issue more hot-topic in recent days.

Have they talked with Dhoni and discuss the future of him and Indian cricket? Have they told him to step down as new players need to get chances? If we closely look at their past history, then we can assume the answer is “no“.

BCCI selectors need to step up their game and shows more power instead of being a pawn
BCCI selectors need to step up their game and shows more power instead of being a pawn

It’s a completely a disgusting matter that they have to wait two months until Dhoni comes back from the parachute training. Whoever will get his entry in place of Dhoni, is not sure about his future.

It’s not a good thing selectors fears about public and media bashing to take any strong decision. They also wanted to make Rohit Sharma as ODI captain. Virat Kohli is failing again and again to win an ICC trophy, but selectors keep their eye blind about this matter. The other big teams like Australia, England, India, New Zealand never fear any changes. They are always ready to embrace changes. They embrace a new path which is completely impossible for the Indian team.

The current situation seems BCCI selectors will take a decision after the West Indies tour or probably even the series against South Africa in India. They lack a clear-cut edge to take a brave decision against star players. They need to learn this professionalism from other big teams. Going with the current status, it’s unlikely they will able to do anything in the near future.