Indian media gets crazy after India’s defeat to New Zealand. It was unexpected that they would lose and from the shock, some of their media corporations seem to have lost their sanity. They are blaming everyone. What’s funny though that ABP news has put on a poll on twitter where they wanted to know the public opinion who to blame for this loss.

Indian media gets crazy after the defeat to New Zealand

Let’s have a look on that tweet.

By seeing this inappropriate tweet Indian sports commentator Harsha Bhogle replied and told them to just stop. They should be knowing that they are making fun of themselves in front of the world.

Aamir Khan consoles team India

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan posted an open letter to Virat and his teammates consoling them about their loss. He says that he is very proud of the team and wish it hadn’t rain the previous day.

The Blackcaps are off to London

After the mesmerizing performance yesterday the Blackcaps are off to London to face their final opponent. They don’t know it yet who is going to take on them but they sure seem to be busier than ever. They posted their baggage to show that they are ready to go.

We wish the Kiwis all the best for their last game. Hope they can give New Zealand supporters a good game this time.