Former Indian wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer has come out in support to Indian batting legend Sunil Gavaskar over Virat Kohli – Anushka Sharma incident. Gavaskar is facing backlash on social media for his comments on Anushka. But, Farokh Engineer thinks it’s totally injustice to criticize Gavaskar. IPL 2020 – Farokh Engineer insists neither him nor Gavaskar disrespected Kohli’s beautiful wife! Moreover, he also insisted that Indians lack a sense of humor. Recently, Gavaskar made a remark about Royal Challengers Bangalore’s captain Virat Kohli’s wife Anushka Sharma during an IPL 2020 match. That didn’t go well among Netizens and Anushka herself. She protested it on her social media account. But, Farokh Engineer thinks it is totally wrong to bash India’s 1983 World Cup hero Gavaskar.

IPL 2020 – Farokh Engineer Insists Neither Him Nor Gavaskar Disrespected Kohli’s Beautiful Wife!

Kohli failed to impress for RCB in IPL 2020 edition so far. When he came to bat for RCB in the last match against Kings XI Punjab, Gavaskar insisted Kohli must practice more to perform well. Then, he added that during the lockdown Kohli only practiced Anushka’s bowling and that didn’t help him much. After that, things got totally ugly as many netizens branded it as a sexist comment. Moreover, Anushka also criticizes the comment. The Bollywood actress demanded an explanation about the comment to India’s legendary cricketer.

Hence, Gavaskar clarified his comment and told that it wasn’t a sexist comment. Now, he got India’s former wicket-keeper Farokh Engineer by his side. Farokh thinks Indian people really lack a sense of humor. According to him –

We, Indians lack a sense of humor. If Sunil had indeed said so about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli, it must have been in a humorous tone and not in the bad or derogatory taste.

Engineer told Pakistan Observer.

IPL 2020 - Farokh Engineer Insists Neither Him Nor Gavaskar Disrespected Kohli's Beautiful Wife!
Farook Engineer comes to support Gavaskar

On the other hand, Engineer also found himself in such controversy last year’s World Cup. The controversy came when he told that the Indian selectors just served tea to Anushka in the mega event! This comment also faced a backlash at that time. Farokh thinks people comments on social media without knowing properly and it creates unnecessary controversy. Furthermore, he also thinks Gavaskar just joked and didn’t have any negative intentions at all.

Knowing Sunil Gavaskar well, I am sure he would have said it jokingly. Anushka is a beautiful wife of Virat and we all respect her. Even in my case, people took it very seriously with the result that Anushka had to come out with her statement.

In addition, Virat didn’t comment yet about this saga. Virat is currently gearing up for his next assignment as RCB will have to face defending champion Mumbai Indians tonight. The captain of RCB under pressure after his negative performance in the first two matches. His captaincy also under fire. Can he reverse such negative surroundings through his performance? Time will tell.