Javi is one of them, in the hands of Barcelona, whose handwriting was introduced in the 21st century.

Javi is Back for NextGen Barcelona

Barcelona presidential election to be held in 2021. Barcelona’s popular businessman Victor Fount has announced the fight against current President Josep Maria Bartomeu. The biggest surprise of his election manifesto, in his chairmanship, he wants to bring Barcelona as the Sporting Director, the legendary midfielder Javick. Javier will be 41 for coming to the year 2021, he will tell the farewell life of the player. Fountain wants to take that opportunity. Although Fanta was supposed to contest in the 2015 election, he decided not to go to the polls in the last minute. He refuses to miss the chance to become the president of Barcelona this time. In front of Javy, he wants to cross the election. Among them, Barça legends, such as Carlos Puyo, have publicly supported Fountain, and Gerrolfos, one of Barcelona’s most sponsored sponsors, is supporting support.

Fount in his election manifesto also said that Xavi’s work will be done by the Sporting Director, preparing Barcelona for the post-Messi era. 31-year-old Messi is not allowed to play for Barca forever, so Messi will have the look of the new Barcelona afterward after Messi has the same ability to ensure that Barça is as strong as possible, the responsibility will be on the Xavi-Fountain pair.

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