English batsman Joe Root urges that he’s not interested in any spicy talks before the blockbuster semifinal against arch-rival Australia. He completely dismissed the suggestion of distraction ahead of the clash. Joe Root insists they are calm and ready to give their all in the game.

Joe Root is not flattered by Australian mind-games

ICC World Cup 2019 host country England and record five-times champion Australia will face each other on July 11, Thursday. The clash between them is happening just three weeks before the Ashes series.

Before the blockbuster semi-final, Australian off-spinner Nathan Lyon tried his best to pressure up England. He insisted that

World Cup is England’s to lose

However, Joe Root didn’t buy this and says they are totally calm ahead of the big match. “He told Nathan can say whatever he likes” in front of journalists on Monday at Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Joe Root says they're ready to face Australia with a positive attitude
Joe Root says they’re ready to face Australia with a positive attitude

Nathan cay says whatever he’s like. We are calm. just take it with a pinch of salt. 

England test captain also added that they are very much focused and look ahead of the game.

We are very calm and we should do our best to get ready for the game. We should not be distracted by anything rather than keep the focus and get prepared.

Root told the reporters.

England is yet to win a World Cup while Australia already won this record five-times. Australia is also the reigning champions of the tournament.

However, England’s recent results are very positive against their old enemy. They’ve won 10 times in the last 12 outings between the sides.

The fear factor of Australia is no longer working on our players. We’ve shown it in recent years. We will face them with a positive attitude and try to win the game in the best possible way.

He concluded.

England will face reigning champions Australia on second semi-final at July 11 at Edgbaston. They faced each other already at the round-robin stage where Australia beat the host by 64 runs.