The heat is rising up before the high voltage match between Australia and England. The teams know each other very well as they have been the most remarkable rivals from the beginning of cricket. Before the match of tomorrow, England star player Joe Root blasted a bomb in front of media. He accused the Aussie players of behaving differently and playing mind tricks before and during matches. However, Joe Root submits that England is habituated with these mind games of Australia.

Joe Root submits that England is habituated with the mind games of Australia

Root’s comment came after Australian off-spinner Nathan Lyon stated that England is going to lose the World Cup.

Nathan Lyon
Nathan Lyon

Lyon said that England may be going into this World Cup as favorites, however, it’s their World Cup to lose. It is important to note that its not the first time that Lyon said something like this. Before the 2016/17 Ashes, Lyon declared that Australia will end some English players careers.

In reply to those pinching comment, Joe Root said that

Nathan has a lot to say a lot of the time so for me, you just take it with a pinch of salt. It might be a way of taking the pressure off himself and his team. We know what we need to do to perform well. If that clicks we will be a force to play against.

Root also added that they now expect the Aussies to do this kind of behavior as its a part and parcel of their team. He acknowledges that it helped them before bringing down the example of Glenn McGrath. McGrath predicted 5-0 every time that he played.

Joe root
Joe Root

The good news her is Australia team coach Justin Langer confirmed that his team will not get into any kind of verbal rubbish during the match.

Joe Root and his teammates are preparing themselves in their own way now. They are aware that have a very high wall to climb tomorrow. It is because England has not beaten Australia since the 92 world cup. And the two encounters during this session also gone in the favor of the Aussies. So the English players better play up to their full potential.