New Zealand cricketers are usually shy-type and always loves to stay away from the spotlight. The unusual scandals or any kinds of controversy never touched them. The current crops of players are no different at all. If you looking for an example, then the best example is their alluring captain Kane Williamson. Kane Williamson is the charismatic captain who is doing his job from the shadows

Kane Williamson is the charismatic captain who is doing his job from the shadows

How many stars actually a team needed to flourish? Very typical question. The three big – England, Australia and India possesses 6 or 7 top players at their kettle. But, if we bat our eyes to the Black Caps we’ll see a very different scenario. There’s less stardom, more dynamism in their team.

New Zealand has two or three big players at their squad. One is Trent Boult, the cool head assassin who can send a poisonous yorker with a smiley face and kill any batsman very slowly. The other one is Matt Henry, the young fast bowler who can fill the gap of Shane Bond.

The final and most important star is none other than the captain Kane Williamson, who remains the shining light for the Black Caps for the past few years. You can count on him. When every hope is fading up, he will stand to guide the Kiwis. He is sensational in ICC World Cup 2019. He is amazingly consistent in the tournament.

Kane Williamson is very consistent through the tournament
Kane Williamson is very consistent through the tournament

Williamson specializes his skills in a different way. His former coach Josh Syms once said –

Kane is a calculator. He always calculating of the outcome. He does things with emotion and always wants a positive outcome from it.

Kane Williamson finished off a great win vs South Africa by hitting a big six which concludes his century. Kane also did a splendid job against West Windies by posting his career-best 148-runs. He stays brave and holds his nerves at difficult moments, which is the main reason behind his consistency.

Kane always keeps his head cool and allow his mates to do things. He never over-react to anything and keeps it simple. Kane builds a team with his own image. He always stays away from unnecessary drama or the spotlight.

New Zealand skipper has a shy-type personality and he is very determined to get what he wants. He is always hungry for more success. Something his boyhood coach also expressed –

He had a thirst to be phenomenal but not at anyone else’s expense.

Greatness has always suited him. Kane Williamson has been great already. Sunday’s match against England can firm his greatness stature once and for all if he managed to hold the trophy.