Melbourne Renegades are going to compete with Sydney Thunder tomorrow. Here is the Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Thunder, BBL 2018-19, 46th match prediction. T20 match will start from 08:15 AM GMT / 07:15 PM LOCAL.

Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Thunder – BBL 2018-19, 46th Match – Prediction:

Melbourne Renegades

Aaron Finch

Sydney Thunder

Shane Watson

Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Thunder Match Prediction
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Melbourne Renegades 55%
Sydney Thunder 45%

Melbourne Renegades can be the winner.

Melbourne Renegades won 7 out of 12 matches.

Sydney Thunder won 5 out of 11 matches.

Melbourne Renegades – 14 points.

Sydney Thunder –  11 points.

Melbourne Renegades have a good batting line up. It will be not easy to take them down early.  And their bowling has been good in this tournament.

Although the top-order players of Sydney Thunder are strong but they also have pretty weaks players for T20 in their middle order.

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Most match sixes Melbourne Renegades
Team to make the highest 1st 6 overs the score Melbourne Renegades
Highest opening partnership Sydney Thunder

Venue: Docklands Stadium, Melbourne.

Docklands Stadium, Melbourne

Melbourne Renegades Squad Overview

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Sydney Thunder Squad Overview

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