New Zealand former coach Mike Hesson finally is ‘without a job” after rejection from India and Bangladesh. It was confirmed that Bangladesh Cricket Board(BCB) was interested in him after sacking the English coach Steve Rhodes. Mike Hesson also came in Bangladesh and gave an interview to BCB. But, things didn’t go in the right way and BCB appointed South African coach Russell Domingo to coach the Tigers.

Mike Hesson wanted sky-high wage to coach Bangladesh

South African former coach Russell Domingo finally lands the coaching job of Bangladesh. It was believed that Mike Hesson was the primary choice for BCB. There were only two ways opened for them. One is bringing in a coach for a sky-high salary and another brings a coach in a much cheaper way. BCB took path number 2.

Mike Hesson was a heavy favorite to land the coaching job of Bangladesh. He also came to Bangladesh to give an interview. Hesson was also in a short-listed candidate of Indian Cricket Coach. After seeing his name on BCCI short-listed candidate, he increased the amount of his wage.

After much speculation, Domingo is the head coach of the Tigers
After much speculation, Domingo is the head coach of the Tigers

BCB didn’t like that. They didn’t reveal the wage number of Russel Domingo. But, according to a few sources, the number is “very reasonable“. Mike Hesson wanted 1 million USD salary per year. BCB didn’t want to pay that hefty amount of money. Later, Mike Hesson decreased his wish, but it was also too high for BCB.

BCB paid Haturasingha 28 thousand USD per month. Hesson’s wish was more than it’s double. This is the biggest reason Domingo got the coaching role of the Tigers.

South African coach Russel Domingo applied for the post of Bangladesh high performance or Bangladesh “A” team. He came and gave an interview in Bangladesh. Everyone of BCB liked his overall planning and prospects. Ultimately, he landed the coaching role of Bangladesh National Cricket Team.